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Silicone Smoking Accessories: Are they safe to smoke out of?

Silicone smoking accessories are quite popular among smokers these days. As a smoke shop owner, we are sure you have witnessed many people being concerned about silicone's safety and wanting to know if it's really safe to smoke out of. The available research shows no clear evidence that silicone poses a health risk when smoked out of. This blog post will assist you further and answer all the questions regarding the safety of silicone smoking accessories and tools. Let's start with how silicone is made.

What is silicone?

Sources of silicone include water, natural gas-derived methanol, and natural-origin silica stone. It is a synthetic polymer that bonds to itself without using an adhesive. Polymerization is the bonding process that occurs when several silicone molecules bond in a line or row. Silicone is an artificial polymer made with renewable resources.

What are the uses of silicone?

Silicone is a non-toxic, non-sticky material often used to make cooking utensils because it creates a flawless release of food while being dishwasher safe. It is non-porous and doesn't absorb any food or herbs you're cooking, so it's effortless to clean as well. It can also be used to make pipes, bubblers, and bongs. Silicone is typically a more expensive material than glass. Unlike glass, it's much more durable and flexible, often used to make hand pipes. Silicone is also much easier to clean than glass.

Benefits of Silicone

Silicone has many advantages over other materials: It's durable, easy to clean, and doesn't scratch easily or stain like some other products when misused or left out for too long before rewashing them. Silicone pipes are an excellent choice for smoking novices or people traveling frequently. They can be a lifesaver for people who tend to break things. Silicone has many uses depending on its formulation; one example is cooking utensils like pots and pans, which reduce sticking while cooking on high heat without adding any chemicals to the food! It also makes them easier to clean by hand because they will not stain easily.

Is silicone safe to smoke out of?

With the growing popularity of silicone smoking pipes, many people ask if silicone is safe to smoke out of. They might be concerned about inhaling fumes from silicone. Yes, silicone is safe to smoke out of. It is non-stick, meaning lesser residue is left behind, and it's super easy to clean - just a scrub will do.
Silicone is made from silica and oxygen, both natural minerals in the earth's crust. Silicone products are non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-allergenic, making them an excellent choice for creating pipes or bongs.
If you're looking for other reasons to convince your customers to choose silicone over the glass when purchasing a smoking device, here are some of our favorites:
1) Silicone pipes can be used with any tobacco product—including traditional cigarettes! That means no more waiting for someone else to roll the joint; a silicone hand pipe can handle any tobacco.
2) Silicone pipes are easy to clean because they won't stick stuff to themselves like glass products. Wipe down with soap and water after each use; it will be as good as new!
3) Silicone pipes also heat up faster than glass ones (even though they won't break as easily), so smokers can get that hit faster than ever before!
4)  An unknown fact about silicone is that it is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Silicone will not leak any toxins or degrade with heat up to this point. Also, silicone has no flavor when heated up, so if the smoker wants their smoke to taste nothing like burnt plastic, silicone pipes are a great choice. 
5) FDA itself states that silicone doesn't react with other metals or release any harmful compounds when heated and can be considered safe for food contact too. 
6) Along with a list of other materials like glass, ceramic, aluminum, brass, titanium, acrylic, and plastic, silicone is used to create smoking pipes and other accessories.

Ending Note

Undoubtedly, silicone is a safe material to use as a smoking pipe. Silicone is a rubber-like, flexible material with a high melting point, meaning it doesn't release toxic fumes when heated. However, if you use a silicone pipe that isn't food grade, you could inhale silicone particles. You should also avoid using silicone pipes and other materials such as glass or metal, which can cause scratches in the silicone and introduce contaminants into your smoke. While some products come with warning labels, most of these cases were made up to scare people away from using them. The good news is that silicone doesn't carry any health risks when used as an alternative to traditional smoking devices. Some users say they've gotten more efficient nicotine intake by using the innovative material! After reading all the myths and truths, we're pretty sure you can now convince your customers about the safety of silicone smoking tools and how they can be used. And if you're looking to buy the best wholesale smoking accessories – silicone or others, we have them ready for you at MJ Wholesale. So don't wait, and stock up your smoke shop right away!
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