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What Temperature is Best to Grow Cannabis?-MJ Wholesale

What Temperature is Best to Grow Cannabis?

One of the most important factors in growing marijuana is temperature. Temperature affects the ability to grow and to reach photosynthesis. In other words, cannabis that grows in ideal temperatures reach photosynthesis faster than those grown in temperatures that are too high or too low. 

Generally, cannabis plants tend to grow best at temperatures between 20–30°C (70–85°F) during the day. Growers tend to agree that the ideal temperature is around 25°C (or roughly 75°F). This changes at night, when cannabis plants like cooler temperatures between 17-20°C (62-68°F).


High Temperatures

Generally, if the temperature is too high, you don’t need to be as concerned as much as if it is too low. However, if temperatures reach over 30°C, the marijuana root will begin to grow slower. This is because the high temperature will inhibit the enzymes from properly reaching photosynthesis.

Another effect of too much heat is that pests and diseases are attracted to the marijuana plant. When hot conditions are present, insects tend to be present as well.

Additionally, hot conditions will also cause water to evaporate. This means you will need to water the plants more frequently. It also can damage the roots of your plants.

Keep in mind that high temperatures can combine with high humidity. To combat high humidity, growers and packagers often use humidity packs This exposes the marijuana to a variety of additional issues. Plants that grow in these conditions tend to develop rot and mold. This can cause a lot of stress on the plant which can eventually destroy it.

Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures are a bigger threat to your marijuana. In fact, extremely cold temperatures can shock plants or even completely kill them.

Generally, cannabis growers should avoid growing in temperatures below 15°C (59°F). Temperatures this cold will make your cannabis plant have a hard time growing. It will eventually die.

Additionally, cold temperatures can affect photosynthesis just like hot temperatures. This is because the enzymes involved in the photosynthesis process are not as active at low temperatures. This means your plant will grow much slower rates or not at all.

Furthermore, lower temperatures can also create mold. There are different kinds of mold. Some prefer cold and damp places. They can form on roots, leaves or buds once the temperatures fall below a certain range.

As previously mentioned, the ideal temperature for growing cannabis is around 25°C. However, this can vary slightly from depending on the particular plant. If you are dealing with a new plant, feel free to experiment with the temperature. Then you can see how the temperature will affect the individual plant. There is a large variety of cannabis plants. You may be surprised at how different temperatures affect different plants.

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