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Types of Grinders

Grinding cannabis is an essential practice as it makes smoking flower a more smooth and convenient experience. Failing to grind your cannabis enough can result in a smoker not being able to fully light their flower for consumption. 

With many different types of grinders on the market—there's no reason to grind cannabis with fingers or scissors. Grinders are more efficient and result in a finer product for the smoker. 

This article is designed to educate readers on what types of grinders are available on the market today so you can get a better idea of what grinder is right for you. 

Metal Grinders 

Metal grinders are considered to be one of the most effective varieties of grinders available. Part of what makes this type of grinder so useful is the thick metal teeth, which creates the ability to tear through thick cannabis flower. 

If you're looking to purchase a grinder that will serve you well over a long period, consider selecting a metal grinder. The durability of metal grinders allows users to not worry about dropping the device and breaking it. 

Types of Grinders

Fans of metal grinders complement the ease of use with these devices as the design makes the grinder easy to twist. 

Wooden Grinders 

Next up, we have wooden grinders. While this variety of grinder is unique, it's not nearly as effective. 

Part of what makes wooden grinders less effective than metal grinders is how the teeth are less thick and sharp than their metal counterparts. Many wooden grinders don't feature kief compartments, so you're missing out on extra concentrated product. 

One of the common complaints that wooden grinders receive is how difficult they are to twist compared to metal grinders. 

Acrylic Grinders 

Acrylic grinders received their name based on the utilization of acrylic material and tend to be the cheapest grinders available in head shops or dispensaries. Typical acrylic grinders come in 2 or 3 parts. The third part of an acrylic grinder would be for the kief department. 

While acrylic grinders are an affordable option in the realm of grinders, they don't last very long. Over time, the plastic teeth of acrylic grinders wear down and become less efficient at cutting through larger pieces of cannabis flower.

Like wooden grinders, acrylic grinders can become hard to twist over time due to sticky cannabis material getting jammed up in the grinder's crevices. 

Electric Grinders 

You might be surprised to hear that electric grinders are an option on the market. Electric grinders are designed to give you perfectly ground weed every time you use the device without you manually going through the process of twisting and grinding the cannabis. 

Even though electric grinders tend to be reliable options, it's essential to be aware that they will only work if the electrical components within the device are correctly functioning. With non-electrical grinders such as metal grinders, you can always count on functionality without electricity. 

Now that we've highlighted the top varieties of grinders on the market today, let's take a look at how they function.

Two-Piece Grinders 

Two-piece grinders are the base level of grinders available and only feature a lid and grinding section. Cannabis enthusiasts usually prefer a three or even four-piece grinder since two-piece grinders don't feature a compartment for collecting kief. 

One upside of a two-piece grinder is they're smaller in size than grinders with more pieces, which makes them an ideal option for storage during travel. 

Three-Piece Grinders

Three-piece grinders offer users an additional compartment designed to catch cannabis when it has been ground fine enough to pass through small holes in the device's middle compartment. 

The advantage of three-piece grinders is not having to empty them on a surface to access your cannabis.

Four-Piece Grinders 

Four-piece grinders are considered to be the best types of grinders available. Building upon the benefit that a three-piece grinder presents by collecting weed in a separate compartment, an extra compartment is designed to catch kief collected over time. 

Having all four compartments work together allows a user to get the most value out of their cannabis. 


After reaching this point of the article, chances are you won't be surprised with MJ Wholesale's recommendation of which grinder to purchase. 

Metal four-compartment grinders present the best overall value for cannabis enthusiasts due to their durability, efficiency, and ability to collect additional elements such as kief. 

While metal grinders may be a few extra bucks than acrylic or wooden grinders, it's well worth the investment. 

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