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Child Resistant Packaging

As the marijuana industry grows with the expansion of state legalization on both a medical and recreational level, the demand for cannabis products has risen exponentially. 

Child Resistant Packaging

Modern-day growers, processors, and dispensary owners all have unique needs when it comes to packaging. With a rise in demand for marijuana products, businesses need to equip themselves with quality packaging that follows state laws. 

This post is designed to educate readers on some of the existing laws surrounding marijuana packaging practices while highlighting the products that MJ Wholesale offers as a solution. 

Before we give product recommendations, let’s establish some background information on specific state laws regarding marijuana packaging.

What’s the Deal With Child-Resistant Packaging? 

So, what’s the big deal about child-resistant packaging? Why are there laws surrounding the topic?

Child-resistant packaging is designed so that it is difficult for any child under the age of five to open while still being accessible for people over the age of five to open. 

The growing prevalence of medical and recreational marijuana presents a need for child-resistant packaging since cannabis products are more accessible and commonplace. 

If you consider a situation where someone purchases a marijuana product from a dispensary and stores it in their home, a child wandering around could come across the package and even mistake certain cannabis products such as edibles for foods they usually consume. 

It’s essential to be aware of any laws present in your state regarding marijuana packaging so your business can be state compliant. If you’re looking for an in-depth guide that provides regularly updated information on legal packaging, check out Leafly’s article on the topic. 

While proper packaging is essential, it’s not the end-all in the context of state compliance laws. Labeling laws are equally as crucial as providing child-resistant packaging for your products. Leafly’s article does a great job highlighting state labeling laws in addition to state packaging laws. 

Now that we’ve touched on why child-resistant packaging laws exist, let’s dive into the specific types of child-resistant packaging on the market. 

State Compliant Marijuana Packaging 

Modern dispensaries feature a variety of marijuana packaging options that are best suited for specific product types and weights. We’re going to highlight the most prevalent forms of child-resistant packaging so your business can contain all the packaging essentials. 

Pop Top, Push & Turn, and Screw Top Vials 

Pop Top, Push & Turn, and Screw Top Vials are popular due to their storage convenience, security in holding products, and effortless opening style. 

With an airtight seal and a moisture-resistant design, you can be sure that Pop Top, Push & Turn, and Screw Top Vials will protect and maintain the integrity of your product. Utilizing Pop-Top, Push & Turn, and Screw Top vials for sale or display is an easy task due to the package’s compact nature. 

To open Pop-Top containers, squeeze either side of the container until you hear a distinct “pop” sound, and the lid will open. 

MJ Wholesale provides child-resistant drams and tubes at low wholesale prices to ensure that your business complies with child-safe packaging laws. 

Mylar Packaging

Mylar packaging is a critical difference-maker in the modern marijuana package strategy. Mylar is lightweight and thin, yet firm and durable at the same time to create the ideal material for product storage and transport.

MJ Wholesale knows that you need options in the way you package your products. 

There are three styles of child-safe Mylar packaging available through MJ Wholesale: 

To attain a more comprehensive view of MJ Wholesale child-safe Mylar options, check out our Child-Resistant Mylar Bag inventory for multiple sizes, styles, and colors of state-compliant packaging. 

Concentrate Containers 

Concentrates have become an increasingly popular item among modern smokers. Browsing MJ Wholesale’s concentrate container inventory will point you toward glass child-resistant storage options for wax items.  

If you’re looking for concentrate smoking equipment to feature in your dispensary or headshop, visit MJ Wholesale’s pipes and rigs or dab tools inventory pages. 

The Importance of Child Resistant Packaging 

With the expansion of the marijuana industry in recent years, cannabis packaging has had to evolve equally as fast. 

With state laws regarding cannabis packaging in place, it’s essential to access where your state stands in terms of current legislation so you can provide the correct state-compliant labeling and packaging for your products. 

MJ Wholesale is proud to help businesses access the supplies necessary to stay state-compliant through our extensive packaging supply and labeling inventory. 

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