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The Futurola Knockbox

The future of filling pre-rolls is here.

Futurola's Knockbox 3 is available in three different sizes through the MJ Wholesale inventory:

Here, at MJ Wholesale, we're interested in bringing you innovative products that help you save time and increase profit. Standard Cone Fillers from Futurola allow users to fill 100 pre-roll cones in 2 minutes. With high market demand for pre-roll products, investing in a Futurola Knockbox has never been a better idea.

The Futurola Knockbox

Ganjapreneur reports that nearly 8% of total cannabis sales were from pre-rolls in 2018—and those numbers are only going up. 8% of marijuana sales in 2018 translates to 985 million dollars. With consumers enjoying the convenient nature of pre-rolls, the assembly process is growing increasingly automated.

While other joint filling machines exist on the market, Futurola's Knockbox is the most exciting:

Here's why:

Knockbox by Futurola

Visual appeal is a crucial element that helps separate the Knockbox from other members of the competition. There's a modern, clean aesthetic with the Knockbox that serves as a representation of Futurola's innovative mindset.

While there's no denying that the Knockbox is eye-catching, performance is where this device goes above and beyond.

Pre-roll Packaging at Its Most Efficient

Please note that the Futurola Knockbox is most compatible with Futurola papers. Users will find that having to utilize Futurola papers with the Knockbox isn't a significant downside as the company initially made a name for themselves through manufacturing high-quality papers.

Futurola provides rolling papers in all of the popular sizes including:

—and more!

Having a variety of paper sizes to work with is an excellent asset as experts predict that the pre-roll industry will continue to evolve by offering users smaller-size pre-rolls and multi-pack pre-roll products. To be exact, the Knockbox is compatible with 16 different styles of rolling papers.

Knockboxes can accommodate different rolling papers styles since they're equipped with four variations of the filling kit. The different diameters vary from half a gram to two-gram sizes.

Your purchase of a Futurola Knockbox will consist of:

Here's how the Knockbox operates:

Knockbox Operation

Upon receiving the Futurola Knockbox, you'll see that the device is held within an elegant wooden box package. After opening the wooden box, take out all of the Knockbox parts, one-by-one, before placing the upper filling assembly on top of the device's base.

The next step is to take out some Futurola pre-roll cones and drop the individual papers within the Knockbox's holes.

After preparing your flower in the mix tray, place the tray on top of the assembly. There's a programming button on the Knockbox that allows you to select your preferred density. After removing the sliding tray, the flower will fall into the machine's slots to fill the pre-roll cones.

If you're sold on using a Knockbox to enhance your business practices, we have some other product recommendations from Futurola that will help you level up even further:

Additional Futurola Recommendations

Since Futurola works to understand smokers and cannabis employees' needs, they provide products that pair well with each other.

A prime example of some Futurola products that work seamlessly with the Knockbox is its line of shredders.

Futurola Shredders come in four different sizes through MJ Wholesale's inventory:

Mini's can shred up to 0.7 pounds in 7 seconds, originals 3 pounds in 2 seconds, supers at 3 pounds in 7 seconds, and mega's at 5 pounds in 7 seconds.

When you're growing and processing cannabis, you have a lot on your plate. Selecting a Futurola Shredder will help streamline your growing and processing practices, saving you more time to put toward other essential tasks.

Up next from Futurola is their Super Shredder Screen Barrel, a device that allows users to shred and de-stem material while filtering out undesirables such as large stems.

If you want to take your product branding to the next level, we recommend checking out Futurola's Cone Lock Venturi Shrink Sleeve Labeler. The Cone Lock Venturi Labeler will simplify how you apply custom branding and product info to cone products.

The Future of Pre-rolls

It's time to part ways with the days of hiring a team of employees to pack pre-roll cones manually. A Knockbox machine from Futurola will help simplify and speed up the process of packing pre-rolls. You'll increase profit by producing more products while cutting back on manual labor costs.

For more information on Futurola, check out our blog covering the history of their company.

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