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The History of Futurola

Futurola has become one of the market’s most influential brands for cannabis products. MJ Wholesale is a significant promoter of Futurola because we share the philosophy that providing quality products for smokers comes from understanding a consumer’s needs. 

We’re also both never satisfied with where we’re at. 

Why side with a company if they’re not continually working to evolve? As Futurola works to improve and advance each step of the cannabis supply chain, we make sure you have easy access to their latest and most exceptional products.

This post is meant to educate readers on how the humble beginnings of Futurola have evolved into a company that’s making a cultural impact among cannabis workers and users. 

So, where did it all begin with Futurola?

From Humble Beginnings to Cultural Hit 

You’re probably aware of what’s going on inside these Amsterdam coffee shops that the Netherlands capital is so famous for. 

If you’re not familiar, many coffeeshops in Amsterdam legally allow visitors to purchase and consume limited amounts of cannabis. Civilized reports that Amsterdam’s coffee shop legacy can be traced back to 1953. 

What’s surprising about coffee shop history going back to the 1950s is that the 50s don’t have a particularly progressive track record in cannabis. While the decision to allow cannabis use in coffee shops was probably seen as a gamble during the 50s, it’s more than worked out as coffee shops are among Amsterdam’s biggest draws. 

By the 1990s, there were around 1,500 different coffee shops in Amsterdam.  

What do coffee shops have to do with Futurola? 

The Birth of Futurola

Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg are the founders of Futurola and began their careers owning and operating several Amsterdam coffee shops and cafes during the 80s and 90s. The Brandenburg sibling’s most popular location, Future Coffee Shop, served to be the origin of Futurola during 1996. 

Importing and exporting different types of smoking products was an essential precursor for Evert and Yvonne. Their work inspired them to develop products that exceeded the quality of the ones they were importing. 

Futurola is well known for its quality rolling papers. Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg progressed the paper game by hunting for a high-quality, thin French rolling paper made from arabic gum from acacia trees. The Brandenburg sibling’s seeking out higher-quality paper material is a prime example of how innovative the spirit of Futurola was from the start. 

After making a splash with their quality, thin rolling papers, Futurola developed a king-size cone roller that had a hugely positive impact on Amsterdam’s smoking culture. 

Fast forward to modern times, and Futurola is still family-owned with two central locations in Amsterdam and Los Angeles. 

Let’s look at how Futurola is continuing to hold its own against other top performing cannabis product brands. 

Futurola’s Market Leading Products 

Futurola offers products that aid various essential stages of the cannabis supply chain. When browsing our inventory of Futurola products, you’ll find that many Futurola products are designed to complement each other. 

Here’s an example. 

King size cones from Futurola have been a hit for years—so why not consider pairing your purchase with a Futurola Knockbox that can fill up to 50 pre-roll cones in two minutes. 

If you own a dispensary and are browsing for useful products, the Knockbox from Futurola is just the start as mix trays, cone loaders, shredders, and shredder screen barrels help you streamline the process of prepping essential products such as pre-rolls for sale. 

Do you operate a small, medium, or large size cannabis supply business?

No problem. 

Through our inventory of Futurola products, you’ll find products capable of handling every workload level that the market presents. 

You can even top off your pre-rolls with custom branding through the Futurola Cone Lock Venturi Shrink Sleeve Labeler.

Faster prep time means the capability to produce more sales. 

You’ll be covered when utilizing Futurola products as replacement products through MJ Wholesale’s inventory are just a simple click away. 

Bank on Futurola 

Futurola is a leading innovator in cannabis technology as they work to provide products that turn amateurs into professionals. 

With some of the best product campaigns and sales in the market, Futurola has the desire to provide items that resonate with smokers. 

Customize your smoking experience by taking a look at our wide selection of innovative Futurola products. 

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