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Loud Lock Mylar Bags

Loud Lock is a premier manufacturer brand for custom packaging and shipping boxes.

The brand prides itself on its dedication to quality and ensures every one of its products meets even their rigorous standards. Their dedication to quality is only matched by their efforts for providing peak customer service, so it's a win-win when you buy wholesale Loud Lock products from our line.

These Mylar bags are an excellent example; a perfect, economical solution to storing your product until your customers take it home. The entire line consists of child-resistant, non-child-resistant, Grip n Pull, and other reliable forms.

Durable, reusable, and able to seal in everything airtight, they're a great option for packaging your product. Likewise, having a stock where customers can buy the Mylar bags gives them storage options at home. Build up brand loyalty and make the smart investment to have versatile storage options in your dispensary or smoke shop.

Through our line, get the best in storage for the cannabis industry at impeccable wholesale prices.



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