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Silicone Bubblers

Many of your customers might prefer silicone bubblers over glass water pipes. This is because silicone bubblers are less susceptible to breakage and are easy to clean. High quality and affordable silicone bubblers can be found in several bright colors and designs on MJ Wholesale. You can stock up the best-selling silicone bubblers from MJ Wholesale, be it from Sloppy Hippo, Beamer, OOZE, or others.

MJ Wholesale features a set of Puff Puff Pass it silicone spoon pipes, available in 12 fancy colors that come with a replaceable thick glass bowl. If you want bubblers from the OOZE brand, you can go with the Clobb Silicone Bubbler and concentrate  gathering tools, shaped like the judge’s gavel and available in 5 different color variations. MJ Wholesale stocks many OOZE bubblers like the OOZE Echo, OOZE Stack Pipe, OOZE Cranium, and OOZE ozone, among others. <br>

There are plenty of smokers that prefer silicone to glass water pipes, especially because glass can be more of a challenge to clean. With a plethora of pros for both materials and some cons, silicone is a superior option in a lot of people's eyes. Take a look through our silicone bubblers and water pipes below to discover which could resonate the most with your customers.&nbsp;

If you want something for your customers who love Sloppy Hippo, go for the Sloppy Hippo Silicone Pipe. It is unbreakable, portable, and available in pink and blue colors, with an attractive packaging. Beamer Bake Sale Annihilator is a versatile combination of portable silicone and glass, available in a number of colors. 

Stocking fancy silicone bubblers make for a vivid display and give customers a variety to choose from. MJ Wholesale has silicone bubblers in pickle shape (6 inches), lantern design (7 inches), knight design (8 inches), skull design (8 inches), and angled design (10 inches), to name a few. Each of these designs is further available in many colors and combinations to provide more variation.
MJ Wholesale has an extensive range of bubblers, dab rigs, and hand pipes – in both, glass and silicone. If you want to stock up your dispensary or head shop, you can buy them in bulk at the best prices from MJ Wholesale. 

As you can see, there are quite a range of silicone bubblers to choose from. Whether your customers prefer larger or smaller pieces, MJ Wholesale works to accommodate all needs your shoppers could have. Having more of an array to select at their disposal helps build shopper loyalty, and ultimately turns window shoppers into return customers. Select a variety today to put on display to help your clientele feel more at home in your dispensary or head shop and more confident in their shopping choices. 


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