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Marijuana Packaging Samples Before Buying Wholesale

5 Reasons why you must try samples before you buy wholesale.

Are you setting up a cannabis business? If your answer is YES, we’re sure you are looking to buy cannabis packaging, smoke shop products, and accessories in bulk.

But wait!

Before you buy all these items in bulk, there’s something you must consider.

Are you 100% SURE of the products you’re ordering in bulk? If you’re even 0.01% dicey about any product you’re ordering in bulk, we recommend ordering samples first!

Yes, samples are the best way to test out the products you plan to buy in bulk.

Don’t believe us?

Have a look at five reasons why you should try before you buy!

Reason 1

Is it the right size and the right match?

What if the product you’re ordering turns out to be too small or too big for any customization? For example, your custom printed sticker, logo design, or custom bag. Before ordering 500 units of a colorful stash jar, it would be best to preview how the custom sticker of your brand looks on it. If the product is black and your sticker is dark blue, it will hardly be visible. To eliminate any ambiguousness, it is best to pre-order samples of the product before placing the bulk order.

Reason 2

Get orders pre-approved!

Every retailer has a few clients who contribute to his/her business majorly. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to get your products approved by them before placing the bulk order?

This helps you in various ways.

  • These clients would give you honest advice since they purchase from you regularly.
  • This will help you make the best choice.
  • Clients would like the importance you give to them by considering their opinion.
  • This increases client satisfaction and their loyalty towards your brand.
  • If the client loves your sample, consider that you already have their order in hand!

Reason 3

It is not a massive commitment

Ordering samples is like a freeway, and ordering wholesale is like a one-way. The choice is yours. No, we aren’t saying don’t buy in bulk. All we are saying is, buy samples first. Be 100% assured of the product and then purchase wholesale.

This is important because you need to consider several factors when you buy in bulk.

Some factors to consider about the seller are:

  • The credibility of the wholesaler

Is the wholesaler reliable enough? Will they deliver your order on time and with the quality intact? What is their policy about damaged items? How flexible is their return policy? It would help if you researched all these things before placing an order with a new supplier. Don’t deal with suppliers you aren’t sure about.

  • Reviews and Customer Service of the wholesaler

Does the supplier have a dedicated customer service department? Are they available on a customer-care number or via chat support? What are the customer reviews that the supplier has? These are some service-related questions you must lookup.

  • Whether they can help you dropship

Dropshipping is an intelligent way of selling your products while outsourcing your storage and shipping functions. If your supplier provides these services, it is a bonus! Whenever you decide to drop-ship, they can handle your operations while focusing on business and customer acquisition.

  • Payment Terms

What are their payment terms? The supplier mustn’t be forcing you to pay a 100% advance upfront. (especially on your first order) Typically suppliers ask for a 30% upfront payment followed by the remaining 70% on receiving the order. Also, ensure you ask them about how they accept payments.

  • Their willingness to negotiate.

The supplier you work with will likely be a long-term vendor for your business. Is the wholesaler giving any discount, freebies, or offers to make it a better deal for you? It would be best if you considered their willingness to negotiate.

Also, it would help if you thought about certain factors from your end, such as:

  • The price points.

It is essential to figure out whether the items you’re ordering in bulk will sell at a price that will provide you with enough margin. Especially if you’re ordering a new product, it can be crucial to analyze your margin before ordering them in bulk.

  • The storage spaces.

Buying wholesale is all good until you run out of space. When you order 500-1000 units of a particular item, you could witness a sudden shortage of space! It is better to have a storage space readily available for your stock before ordering in bulk.

Reason 4

Samples Minimize the Risk

If you’re unsure about putting your money on samples, let me give you an example. Let’s say you order three samples that cost you a total of $100 along with a $50 shipping fee. That’s $150 out of your pocket. When you buy wholesale, consider that the minimum order quantity of this product is 500, and the cost is as low as $2 per unit. This makes your total $1000 (shipping charges not included). Now imagine that the product doesn’t live up to your expectation or is defective. Which cost would you rather bear?

$150 or $1000?

It is much better to have spent $150 rather than $1000. And therefore, samples minimize the risk factor and must be considered an investment and not a loss.

Reason 5

Comparison is easier.

When you are confused about purchasing the same product from two different vendors, wouldn’t it be best to have each of their samples with you? This gives you an up, close and personal look at both of their sample products and helps you compare them in real-time.

One’s product might be costlier but good in quality. Other’s products might be cheaper but have average quality. The choice will be yours. Evaluating samples can help you make the right decision because you can consider various factors other than just the cost.

Many suppliers don’t provide samples and want you to order a bulk quantity directly. Don’t fall for this and make a mistake. It is always best to ask for a sample before making the bulk buying decision.

Don’t worry, as MJ Wholesale is happy to provide samples to all its customers. MJ Wholesale offers some of the hottest marijuana packaging, smoke shop, and dispensary products that you can order as a sample.

You can instantly get an idea of the quality of our products or even test them for personal consumption. So, why wait? Try out our sample today, and we’re sure you won’t be able to resist buying wholesale with us!