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Varying Dram Pop Top Vials - People Also Ask (PAA)

What is a dram?

  • A dram is a unit of measurement, just like milliliters (mL), ounces (oz.), or grams (g). One dram is equal to an eighth of an ounce of liquid.

Are Pop-Top drams worth anything?

  • The best way to recycle pop-tops is to repurpose them. Use any pop-top to store various things from spices, flower, coins, art supplies or buttons. Saving the environment from more junk sitting in a landfill is always the top priority. The best way to recycle pop-tops is to use them as storage for other items.
Are all dram pop-top vials reusable? 
  • The majority of pop-top vials are meant to be reusable, especially the ones in our line. From a 6-dram pop-top vial to the 90-dram vials and larger, they're all made for you to reuse later.

Are dram pop-top bottles recyclable?

  • While this depends on the material the dram pop-top is made out of, most are recyclable. Many in our line, for example, are made of Polypropylene plastic. If taken to the appropriate recycling facility, they're fully recyclable!

Are dram pop-top vials waterproof?

  • The majority of dram pop-top bottles are made to be waterproof. Since they're child-resistant and odor-resistant, they have to be capable of keeping out materials, water included. They stay airtight, making them fully waterproof.

Are all dram pop-top bottles smell proof or odor-resistant?

  • Most of our dram pop-top vials will be smell proof or odor-resistant to a degree. They will have on their product description specified if odor resistance is a feature that was focused on for that vial. Fortunately, that's a feature we look at for the pop-top bottles that flow onto our line.

Do dram pop-top vials keep marijuana fresh?

  • Yes, pop-top bottles are made to keep cannabis fresh and potent. Airtight and designed to act as a barrier for particulates and outside materials, pop-top vials do an excellent job of keeping your marijuana fresh.

Should I keep marijuana in the pop-top bottle?

  • Pop-top vials are designed for pharmacy-grade medicine, cannabis and other flower products, and more. So, yes, if you want to keep your marijuana in a container that can retain its freshness, a pop-top bottle is a great option.

What are varying dram pop-top vials used for?

  • This greatly depends on the size dram pop-top bottle you may be referring to. A 6-dram pop-top vial, for example, may only be used for some small buds when you're on the go. There are the standard-sized pop-top bottles used by pharmacies for prescriptions, and then there are vials that house much more product. Pop-top bottles, in a uniform sense, are used as storage devices that can help keep the product inside fresh.

What colors do dram pop-top bottles come in?

  • Different dram pop-top vials come in a massive variety of colors and sizes. It really comes down to the size and color you want out of your flower storage container. Aqua, black, clear, gold, grape, green, red, silver, white, and mango are just a few of the many color options available!

Can I customize a certain dram pop-top vial?

  • Yes! Often times pop-top vials can be printed on or custom stickers can be placed on them. We also offer tamper evident plastic sleeves so you can heat seal & secure the product at time of sale. 

What sizes do dram pop-top bottles come in?

  • Pop-top vials come in as many sizes as you might need. We specify in our line the capacity each pop-top bottle is capable of holding. Some only house 1 gram, while others can hold an entire ounce of flower. Make sure to double-check which dram size you're getting and how much product that can hold before you confirm your purchase.

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