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Processing Marijuana and Handling Marijuana - People Also Ask (PAA)

Can you grow marijuana easily?

  • It depends on the strain. There are some strains bred to grow easily. Some will even flower themselves, called autoflowering strains, so the work you have to put in as a grower is minimal. Depending on how and where you grow your bud may make it easier or require more maintenance overall. Make sure you do your research on which strain would be easiest to grow within your environment and using the resources you have available.

Can I buy marijuana legally?

  • This depends greatly on the state you're located in! Recreational and medical marijuana sales are legal in certain states with the right licenses.

What licenses do you need to sell marijuana?

  • The three laws available in most recreational/medical marijuana states include marijuana producer, marijuana processor, and marijuana retailer. You cannot hold all three licenses at the same time, as this isn't permitted. A licensee may hold both a producer and processor license simultaneously, in some states. Make sure to research your state laws to ensure you're meeting all legal requirements before you attempt to process, handle, or sell marijuana.

What does it mean to process marijuana?

  • To process marijuana you need to take the fresh flower, dry it out, and prepare it for consumption. Marijuana can be consumed by smoke, edible or wax.

Can I handle marijuana with my bare hands?

  • Technically, sure, you can handle marijuana with your bare hands -- but you really don't want to. Touching cannabis means you're getting your natural oils on the plant, and getting cannabinoids and trichomes of the plant on your finger.
  • These components stick even after you're no longer handling the bud, which means you just lessened the potency of your supply. It's better to handle your cannabis with gloves to ensure it retains its maximum level of freshness and potency.

How do you weigh marijuana?

  • The easiest way to weigh cannabis is with a scale or calibration weight. Whether you use a digital scale or a calibration weight, you can accurately find the weight of your marijuana.
  • Many scales have the option of switching the unit of weight measurement from grams to ounces, depending on how you prefer to see the final measurement. 

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