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the qube jar premium concentrate jar


Qube provides square concentrate containers with durable materials, size selection, and unique design to elevate your dispensary’s display capabilities.

Available in both 5 mL and 9 mL volumes, Qube Square Concentrate Jars are a great way to go out with the old and in with the new. 

The Qube’s square design is eye-catching due to its modern, intriguing appearance. With a clean and straightforward look, Qube offers something new and different in the realm of concentrate containers.

A container’s coloring plays a big part in visual appeal. Clear glass, opaque black, and opaque white are offered for wholesale purchases.

What separates Qube from other concentrate containers is their ability to combine novel design with sustainable materials. High shatter resistance and child safety are two of the main perks that purchasers of Qube jars receive. 

Standing out is key within the cannabis industry—and the Qube Square Concentrate Jar is the kind of product that turns heads. There’s a reason why marijuana companies create odd names to label different types of strains. It’s all about being unique.

Exclusive looks within packaging have been evaluated as the number one deciding factor on new sales. Displaying products such as Qube Jars that contain an original design can play a crucial role in growing your dispensary.

Qube has become the leader in the square concentrate container market. When you begin to feature Qube jars within your dispensary, it’ll be easy to see why these products are so successful. 


MJ Wholesale recognizes that individual states are subject to cannabis packaging laws. That’s why we work to provide products that help dispensaries achieve state-compliance without compromising style.

Qube Square Concentrate Jars come in transparent, opaque black, or opaque white coloring options. When running a dispensary, it’s essential to have access to opaque concentrate containers. Some states contain laws that prohibit cannabis products from being displayed during a sales transaction.

For dispensaries within states that don’t contain package concealment laws, clear Qube concentrate containers present the perfect opportunity to attract eyes with the modern design of Qube Square while displaying the concentrate product.

Consider pairing your purchase of Qube Square Concentrate Jars with some of our labeling supplies, so your dispensary’s display is state compliant.


Fragility is a common fear surrounding glass cannabis packaging. A common goal for dispensaries is to display cannabis products in containers that protect the integrity of the product while maintaining an element of style.

That’s where Qube Square Concentrate Containers come in.

Qube Square Concentrate Containers contain premium glass that creates a shatter-resistant product. Shatter-resistance is a valuable asset for glass containers as a mistakenly dropped container won’t result in compromised concentrate. Communicating the Qube Square’s shatter-resistant capabilities with your dispensary’s customers will help consumers have peace of mind that their purchase is secure for travel and storage.

With the Qube Square Concentrate Container’s shatter-resistance and modern design, you’re getting the best of both worlds.


Child-resistant packaging laws apply to dispensaries in numerous states where cannabis has been legalized to achieve safe product storage. Marijuana packaging companies have evolved with these laws to provide packaging products that meet state compliance in specific areas that include child-resistance.

Qube Square Concentrate Containers are one of those products.

The goal of a child resistance with cannabis packaging is to make the container difficult for a child to open, but easy for an adult to access.

While marijuana packaging laws vary from state-to-state, MJ Wholesale recognizes that the law of safety remains consistent. That’s why we provide dispensaries with child-resistant packaging products so state compliance can be met in style. 


Updating your dispensary’s display is crucial as it helps you make a strong first impression with customers.

When formulating a strategy to effectively display your products and draw customers in, we recommend Qube Square Concentrate Jars. The most professional dispensaries place their concentrates in Qube Jars compared to standard concentrate containers to help their products stand out.

Pinpointing the type of concentrate containers you want your dispensary to utilize helps define your business’s style. With Qube Square Concentrate Jars, you’re selecting a forward and modern design that complements your dispensary’s concentrate products.

Display your products with pride and start the conversation with Qube Concentrate Jars. 


One of the most attractive elements of Qube Square Concentrate Jars is the amount of space the container provides for sticker and label placement. Having extra real estate for stickers allows you to market your brand with pride and apply state-compliant labels for a professional appearance.

Linking your brand with Qube Concentrate Containers communicates with your customers that you’re serious about providing the latest and most exceptional products. Other brands of concentrate containers have smaller lids that make it more difficult to effectively promote your brand.

Your ability to place labels on Qube Square Concentrate Jars isn’t limited to the lid as you can put stickers on any of the product’s six sides.

Elevate your brand through using Qube Square Concentrate Jars. 



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This company is great to do business with. I was impressed with over the phone customer service. Really respectful, helpful and couldn't have asked for a better experience. The product quality was perfect. Everything was carefully packaged and wrapped individually. I would recommend ordering from this company before going to those over priced stores that mark up anything they sell. Will definitely order more products from this company. 5 stars and more if possible.

Brianna T.

Absolutely wonderful store and staff. We love ordering from here. Prices are great, shipping is fast and nothing has ever been damaged. 

Stephen B.

10 months ago-
I am super happy that I found MJ Wholesale. Their prices are awesome, shipping from Michigan to Georgia was incredibly fast and their customer service is second to none. I will definitely be a customer for a long time.

Tia C.

The team at MJ Wholesale took special care of my order and called me to help me make sure I was getting the right product for the project. Orders come in a timely manner and everything has been up to par so far. Looking forward to doing more business with my Michigan neighbor soon!!!

Terry M.

Great prices and a very knowledgable staff. I felt like I was getting what I paid for.