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Plastic or Glass - Which Stores Flower Better? Opaque or Clear?

You're probably wondering about the best and the worst ways to store flower. 

That's where we come in. 

MJ Wholesale provides top of the line marijuana storage products in different styles and sizes so your dispensary can make an impression with customers while keeping flower fresh. 

Most dispensaries choose to store their flower in plastic or glass containers. Plastic and glass storage for marijuana each provide their benefits for dispensaries and customers. 

Once you've decided which option works best for you, the next step is choosing opaque or clear style storage. Similar to the plastic or glass comparison, opaque and clear colored storage provide unique perks.

When evaluating what style of storage best stores flower, we'll be considering aesthetic value, convenience, and the ability to provide long-lasting freshness when forming our opinions. 

Let's get started with some background information on plastic and glass storage. 

Plastic or Glass - Which Stores Flower Better? Opaque or Clear?

Breakdown: Plastic and Glass Storage 

People intend to use plastic and glass containers for storing, displaying, and transporting cannabis flower. While most people think of dispensaries as needing glass or plastic storage the most, growers and processors are an additional branch of the cannabis industry that benefits from them. 

Outlining and answering common questions that growers, processors, and dispensary owners have can help you decide whether glass or plastic containers are right for you. 

Some common question surrounding glass and plastic storage include:

  • What size storage containers do I need? 

  • How durable is the container? 

  • Is the storage convenient for transport?

  • Does the container follow state laws? 

  • Will this storage device keep my flower fresh? 

Since MJ Wholesale offers a wide variety of glass and plastic storage containers, answering the above questions will help you target specific products that get the job done.  

When evaluating all of the different components of quality cannabis storage, maintaining freshness tends to take precedence. Extending your flower's life helps maximize profit while supplying dispensary customers with products they're satisfied with. 

If you're a dispensary owner, you need to make sure your storage containers are state-compliant. 

Some standard state rules surrounding cannabis packaging include: 

Opaque vs. clear packaging 

So, what's the significance of opaque vs. clear storage containers? Why does child-safe packaging matter? 

Some states require that dispensaries conceal cannabis products with opaque packaging and even opaque exit packaging. Child-safe packaging matters with the law, as well as how a person stores their flower. If you live in an area with children five or under, child-safe packaging is an excellent asset that helps promote responsible flower storage. 

Both opaque and clear child-safe packaging is available through MJ Wholesale in plastic and glass varieties. 

Head over to our blog post covering Mylar and Dram packaging for more information. 

Now that we've highlighted some essential questions surrounding glass and plastic cannabis storage, let's breakdown the value points of each variety: 

Value Comparison: Plastic and Glass Storage 

While we compare plastic and glass cannabis storage, we'll be accessing each category's ability to perform in the areas of:

  • Aesthetics

  • Storage and transport convenience

  • Freshness 

Plastic vs. Glass Storage: Aesthetics 

Visual appeal is essential in making a positive first impression and sealing the deal with a potential dispensary customer. 

When it comes to aesthetic value, glass storage for flower takes first place. 

There's a reason why many dispensaries display their products in glass jars. Glass adds an extra element of style and makes it easy for dispensary customers to view flower products. 

Plastic tends to be less expensive than glass. If you own a dispensary and display a high-quality flower product in plastic storage, the person visiting the dispensary may associate the product with being cheap or poorly made. When considering a visual appeal—Glass is always worth the few extra bucks. 

Plastic vs. Glass: Storage, Transport, Freshness 

When storing or transporting cannabis flower, discretion, and convenience are key. If you're traveling with or storing flower, nobody wants to deal with an overpowering smell. 

Plastic and glass are neck and neck with their ability to create tight seals that reduce product smell and maintain freshness. MJ Wholesale's plastic pop-top tubes and vials create a tight seal and provide easy access for consumers. Glass jars from MJ Wholesale similarly give an airtight seal that protects the integrity of your flower. 

While plastic and glass containers both get the job done when storing and transporting flowers, plastic is more commonly used due to the lower cost and higher durability level. Accidentally dropping a glass flower jar can result in a broken storage device, whereas plastic doesn't suffer from fragility. 

When placing importance on aesthetics, glass storage may be best for your flower. When looking for durability and lower-priced options, plastic storage can serve as an excellent option. 

Now that you've got the run-down on plastic, glass, opaque, and clear flower storage, let's wrap up some product recommendations from the MJ Wholesale inventory that include perks that we've discussed. 

Best Glass Storage: 2 oz. Opaque Black Glass Jar With Foam Liner

This 2 oz. glass jar is the perfect size for personal flower storage!

States such as California that have legalized marijuana on a recreational level allow citizens to possess an ounce or less flower. That's why we're recommending this Opaque Black Glass Jar With Foam Liner for travel of personal use as it falls within/near the general weight range for legal possession. 

The 2 oz. Black Glass Jar With Foam Liner allows you to attain high levels of discretion with a child-resistant seal, opaque coloring, and convenient size. You can even Shrink Wrap Your 2oz Glass Jars with Shrink Wrap and a Heat Gun for an even tighter seal. 

Best Plastic Storage: Phillips 19 Dram Pop-Top Vial 

Dram Pop-Top Vials are a fan-favorite when it comes to flower storage due to:

  • Easy access

  • Durability

  • Affordability

With all of the above perks, you still achieve a tight seal that keeps your flower fresh. 

Whether you prefer glass or plastic storage for your flower, the MJ Wholesale inventory provides a long line of products designed to keep your cannabis fresh, secure, and discreet. 

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