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8 Marijuana Packaging Tips you must know as a retailer

The sale of cannabis products has evolved small shops into multi-faceted cannabis businesses. If you're new to this business, a hearty welcome to you. But if you're trying to work it out with just plastic bags for packaging the stuff, let us inform you that it will not make the cut!

Businesses are focused on using only sustainable marijuana packaging solutions to survive and thrive in today's competitive market. Marijuana packaging has gained a lot of importance in the recent past. Retailers want nothing but the best for their customers. As a retailer, you too must have a quick scan and decide for yourself if your packaging meets the market standards! 

8 Marijuana Packaging Tips that you should consider:

  • Choose sustainable & Eco-Friendly Packaging materials
  • According to a report from Zeon market research, the global packaging market for cannabis products is expected to cross $20.4 billion by 2025. Although the cannabis industry is experiencing massive growth, it is also creating a tremendous amount of packaging waste.

    In the light of this situation, it becomes imperative to apply innovative packaging technology and use eco-friendly packaging as a responsible retailer. Using packaging that can be easily recycled or is created using sustainable practices is the best call that retailers can take.

    Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and prefer shopping from brands that support and enforce sustainable practices. Having a sustainable marijuana packaging supplier can help you meet these expectations. 

  •  Always opt for Minimalistic and Child-Resistant packaging
  • When you choose the packaging for your cannabis products, always consider the reaction of children and pets. Using too many bright colors or cartoon imagery can attract children towards the packaging. Using words like candy or cookies on the packaging should be avoided too. 

    Use child-resistant features such as special safety, double closures, and zip locks on your packaging. Is the packaging handy enough to be kept away safely, away from the reach of children? Ensure that you opt for a minimalistic, sophisticated, and smart packaging design. This will not only keep it away from children but also position your product better. 

  • Choose packaging that is made of quality material
  • The packaging should be sturdy and durable enough to avoid any harmful exposure of the product to light and air. It should protect the product from any mold or bacteria that could form due to weather conditions. A cannabis packaging wholesale store that uses quality raw material to manufacture marijuana packaging products would be great to tie up with. 

  • Follow all Packaging Compliance and Laws 
  • Even though compliance rules and regulations surrounding cannabis keep changing across the city, state, and county lines, cannabis business owners need to keep up with the laws about how cannabis can be marketed to the common public. 

    It is essential to know about the current laws in your state before choosing your packaging. It would be best to be more flexible regarding packaging and labeling it to suit the state regulations. 

    Instead of guessing what the new regulations could be, attempt to go beyond the current requirements and take necessary precautions proactively. You can also take advice from cannabis packaging wholesale stores because they have the best knowledge of the effective rules and regulations that are meant to be followed. 

  • Use clear labels on your packaging
  • All the information on your packaging should be visible and not obscured or incomplete. Try to use the six-point font on the packaging. 

    Ensure there is enough surface area on the packaging to stick the compliance labels in the first place.  Next, it is essential to educate your staff as to where they should place the required labels so that the critical information is not obscured from the sight of the customers. 

  • Always have separate packaging for samples.
  • If you're only shipping out sample products, make sure you have packaging according to the sample size. It would be unwise to use your standard packaging for sample products. Using standard or large-sized packaging for your samples makes it look unprofessional and wastes your packaging too!

  • Assess your competitor's packaging. 
  • If you face a challenge in sales despite having good products, you need to understand where your competitors are at in terms of their packaging. Design or source a packaging product that makes you stand out from the rest. The best option for innovative packaging would be to tie up with a reputed cannabis packaging wholesale store. 

  • Choose a cannabis packaging wholesale supplier for your packaging
  • When you need to keep up with so many things, it is best to rely on the experts. A wholesale packaging supplier with enough experience in the industry will give you the best packaging advice suited for the different product offerings you have. 

    They will also give you some fantastic marijuana packaging tips that you might not find on the internet! Choose a packaging supplier who is not averse to providing samples, especially if you're trying a new supplier. 

    Some Don'ts when it comes to marijuana packaging.  

    • It would be best to stay away from stereotypical imagery and color schemes on your packaging. Instead, you can use that space to promote your brand or your social media. 
    • Your packaging should not display any person, character, or animal. It should not contain any emotional or visual branding, such as glamorizing the use of cannabis.
    • Don't forget to ensure that your packaging is child-resistant and keeps pets away.

    Freestanding vs. Secondary Cannabis Packaging

    Freestanding cannabis packaging is the primary packaging for your main product, which is in immediate contact with your product and is not covered by any additional box or casing. Freestanding cannabis packaging can involve vials, jars, pouches, bags, or bottles too.

    Secondary cannabis packaging involves the exterior packaging element that is visible from the dispensary shelf. It is usually made up of shrink-wrap, plastic, or cardboard. Secondary packaging offers more space for information and can be used to package multiple items together as well. Secondary packaging is a more practical option for those who want to focus heavily on the design or customer experience.

    5 Reasons why you must choose MJ Wholesale as your cannabis packaging wholesale supplier

  • The vast variety of packaging we have
  • We understand that with the exponential growth of the marijuana industry, the usage of marijuana on a medical and recreational level has risen too. Whether you're a grower, processor, or dispensary owner, at MJ Wholesale, we have suitable packaging for all of your needs.

    We are open to providing you samples so that you can place a bulk order without any doubts. The expertise we have in this industry far surpasses many others who have been around for many years. Even if you're new in the business, when you opt to buy from our range of products coupled with the input of our expertise, you are sure to make a mark much sooner than others. 

    1. Jar it up with our airtight glass and plastic jars

    An airtight glass container gives more protection to your herb. It helps keep the ingredients fresh and safe, as it restricts any contact with the environment. It also serves as a storage option besides the regular packaging use. Jars can be considered a form of freestanding cannabis packaging.  

    If the outside cardboard (secondary cannabis packaging) gets wet, the product will still be safe because it is inside a glass container. This kind of packaging is mainly used during transportation and for advertising.  The design of the jar can be colorful and brand-centric. Such jars can also be used as a gift because they have a very trendy vibe. 

    The variety of jars that MJ Wholesale has will cover all your needs:

    Besides the variety of packaging range mentioned above, MJ wholesale also has various sizes when it comes to jars. Any size from 1 to 4 oz, 5 to 10 oz, and even 11 oz+ jars can be chosen according to your requirement. You can also shop according to the type of lids you prefer: black, white, or even a child-resistant lid. The glass jar range of MJ wholesale provides a sustainable marijuana packaging solution at low wholesale prices. 

  • Safe packaging with Exit Bags
  • Exit bags are not just a piece of extra packaging, as considered by many people. Actually, exit bags are reusable. And while not everyone might be familiar with this fact, dispensaries use this packaging to give the product to their customers when they exit their stores. Hence the name as well! 

    Exit packaging is characterized by a waterproof material that helps keep the herb dry as well as fresh. They can be found in different sizes depending on the amount of herb that needs to be contained in the packaging. 

    This kind of packaging gives the user an easy storage facility that can safely be kept away in a bag. It is not too prominent and does not call for unnecessary attention.

    MJ wholesale understands the increasing usage of marijuana among people and helps retailers stock sufficient exit packaging for their customers. Exit bags are also encouraged by lawmakers because of their child-resistant properties. Also, one additional perk with exit bags is that it provides discretion and doesn't let the product's smell overpower the space it is in. 

    If you think exit bags are boring and pretty standard, you're wrong. MJ wholesale has a variety of exit bags too. 

    • Paper Bags
    • Mylar Bags (Pinch n Slide, Dura-Defense, and DymaPak) 
    • Plastic Bags 

    And all of the varieties mentioned above are available in different sizes to support different kinds of product weight. We also give you an option to choose from the color you want, whether you prefer black, white, or opaque/clear. 

  • Compact Concentrate Containers
  • Earlier, cannabis packaging wholesale stores were limited to providing the packaging for flower products. But as concentrates have evolved, the demand for concentrate packaging has risen manifold. 

    With the increasing popularity of concentrates, stocking up on concentrate packaging has become essential for every dispensary owner. Modern-day smokers are experimenting by creating different kinds of concentrates for recreational use.  With MJ Wholesale's concentrate container inventory, you can shop for various child-resistant storage options for wax items, concentrate tools and concentrate packaging.

    As you would know, concentrate is also popularly known as shatter, sauce, or tinctures. The concentrate containers at MJ Wholesale are available in acrylic, glass, and plastic. So, you get a lot of options to choose from. The sizes of concentrate containers at MJ wholesale range from 5-7 mL, 9 mL, 10mL to 15 mL, which can serve any quantity of concentrate at your dispensary or processing facility. 

    Along with the above packaging items, parchment papers also serve as a short-term packaging solution for concentrates. Long-term storage of concentrates can be done in glass or silicone jars that are available with MJ Wholesale. 

  • Provides Child Resistant Packaging Options
  • Suppose that you purchase a marijuana product and bring it to your home. A child wandering around could mistake it for edible sweets, chocolates, or food they usually consume. It wouldn't even take them a minute to open a loosely packaged item and consume the ingredients.

    To avoid such a situation, child-resistant packaging is enforced for marijuana-related products. Child-resistant packaging is designed in a way that any child under the age of five cannot open it. 

    MJ Wholesale has a whole category of packaging, which is ATSM Classified Child-resistant.

     Some of our popular packaging items under this category are:

  • Pop Top, Push Turn, and Screw Top Vials
  • These vials are not only convenient to store your herb but are quite secure too. That is because they have a technique to open them and cannot be opened by a child. They have a characteristic airtight seal and moisture-resistant design that helps maintain the freshness and integrity of your product. Moreover, retailers find it easy to store and display in their shops due to its compact nature.

  • Drams and Tubes
  • MJ Wholesale provides drams and tubes at low wholesale prices for effective marijuana packaging.

  • Mylar Packaging.
  • Mylar is famous for its thin, firm, and durable packaging material, making it ideal for product storage and transport. Mylar bags don't have to be boring as MJ wholesale brings three different varieties of child-safe Mylar packaging you can stock up on. 

    These three packaging varieties are – Grip N Pull, Dymapak, and Pinch n' Slide. You can find even more variety in the color, size, and style of these Mylar bags when you choose us as your cannabis packaging wholesale partner. 

    Even though there are plenty of reasons why the importance of effective packaging cannot be undermined, here are some essential pointers that emphasize why good packaging plays a crucial role in your business.

    Importance of effective marijuana packaging

  • It helps you stand out
  • The packaging of your products is the first thing that your customers see. It can instantly attract the customer's attention or even divert it. No matter how good your product is, the customer will not buy it if the packaging is shabby.  The frontrunners of the cannabis industry are making every effort to stay ahead of their competitors. Having captivating packaging allows you to set yourself apart from others. Recyclable marijuana packaging is also very popular right now. 

  • Lends Protection
  • The primary and most crucial function of cannabis packaging is to lend protection to the product. Don't forget that throughout your shipping procedure, various people will handle your product. Some might be careful with it, but some really don't care. Other people who purchase it directly from you would want to put it away in their bag quickly. 

    Also, environmental factors such as dirt, wind, and rain can cause damage to the product. It is essential that your packaging is strong enough to protect against any damage that might be caused due to these factors. At the same time, effective packaging keeps the product fresh and free from any breakage.  There are many marijuana packaging tips that we have stated above that you can follow to ensure the best results. 

  • Enhances your brand identity
  • Some brands are instantly recognizable.  Consider, for example, Coca-Cola or Starbucks. They have such a prominent brand identity that one can recognize their products from afar. Be it the packaging, logo, font, colors, or design. Everything is according to their brand identity. 

    Similarly, having a unique and uniform set of packaging designs for your cannabis products can help customers relate to your brand. Customize your packaging in a way that every product you sell looks like an extension of your brand. 

    It would be best to tie up with a cannabis packaging wholesale store that provides quality packaging which you can customize. It is crucial to leverage the blank space on your packaging to promote your social channels and website to the customers.

    By now, you must have realized the importance of effective marijuana packaging, and marijuana packaging tips do that.  At MJ wholesale, we understand your customers' expectations and offer you the best quality packaging material for your products at the lowest wholesale prices. When you buy from MJ Wholesale once, you will not want to find or switch to any other cannabis packaging wholesale store again! 

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