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Here are 6 unique ways to package your cannabis edibles-MJ Wholesale

Here are 6 unique ways to package your cannabis edibles

The Importance of Proper Packaging

Not only does packaging affect how your product looks, but it also helps keep it safe and fresh. Secure packaging is essential for edibles, so that they remain fresh and free from contaminants. Especially if you're selling edibles online, attractive and durable packaging will ensure that customers like the product and they arrive in one piece at the customer's doorstep. Plus, good packaging can extend a product's shelf life when done correctly. Since cannabis is meant for adult use, edibles must be packaged carefully so they won't be confused with food or candy not containing THC. Proper labelling is key to avoiding such problems. When packing your edibles, make sure the labels are clear, informative and accurate.


6 Creative Ways to Package Edibles

Let us now discuss some out of the box, and innovative ways to package your cannabis edibles.

1. Customized Gift Boxes

Die-cut boxes are an excellent way to make your brand stand out and can accommodate edibles of any size or shape. They're also easy to customize, allowing your creativity to run wild. Plus, there's plenty of room on the box for your branding and other important information. When packing edibles, choosing the right type of cardboard box is important. For example, if you are selling oily packaging edibles, you may need to use coated cardboard or a box liner.

2. Bags and Pouches

Bags and pouches allow you to get creative with your packaging while providing maximum safety. You can also add a window to the bag so people can see what's inside - which is perfect if your edibles are already visually appealing. And since most bags are resealable, they're ideal for those who prioritize freshness. You might think that clear window bags are an ordinary way to pack snacks or candies, but you can use them to your advantage with cannabis edibles. People feel more comfortable when the packaging is similar to what they're used to, so as long as your branding looks good, a clear window bag can be both a creative and protective way to showcase your cannabis edibles. Mylar bags are also great for edibles because they offer more protection from light, moisture, and oxygen.

3. Glass Jars

Glass jars are an excellent option for edibles, as they provide plenty of visibility and have more room for more labels providing information. They can also be re-used by customers after purchase. Plus, because glass is nonporous, the contents remain fresher for longer. Packaging your products in glass jars is a timeless way to give them an elegant look. If you want to elevate the look of your edibles without going over the top, place them in a glass jar with a simple and classy label.

While clear glass is aesthetically pleasing, there are several reasons to color your glass bottles. For products that may be photosensitive, like oils and tinctures, using dark glass can help maintain the potency of your product for extended periods. The glass won't leech any chemicals into the substances inside, and darkness will shield it from the light, which could cause degradation over time.

4. Cartons and Containers

Cartons, like die-cut boxes, can be custom designed to fit your edibles perfectly. You can also use them to showcase multiple products in an attractive package. You can also opt for containers with hinged lids or twist-off caps that are easy to open and close again. These are perfect for single serving of edibles.


5. Tins

Tins are great if you want something more durable than glass jars but also stylish enough to make an impression on customers. Plus, they're a great option for cannabis companies who want to make the most of their branding efforts since the tins can be beautifully printed with logos or artwork. Tins have always been popular because they can easily be customized and are often airtight and leak-resistant. Tins are a practical choice for packaging edibles that may be more fragile, especially for constantly moving customers. Edibles in tins thrown into a backpack will fare much better than those in an ordinary bag or cardboard box. 

6. Pop-top Containers

Pop-top containers are a life-changing innovation in cannabis packaging. They're not only airtight and leak-proof but also made of medical-grade polypropylene. You can easily customize these unique bottles to make them more appealing to consumers while providing an easy-to-open option. These containers are very convenient, take up less space, are great for single-serve edibles, and can be resealed for those who prefer to save their products for later.

Ending Note

No matter what product you're selling, choosing the right cannabis packaging can go a long way towards making a strong impression on your customers. Whether you opt for glass jars, bags, tins, or pop-top containers, all of these options provide an attractive presentation and effective packaging that will surely make your edibles stand out from the competition. With so many choices available, there's no reason why your edibles should be packaged with anything lesser than the best. At MJ Wholesale, we help you customize your packaging by custom printing labels for you, for different kinds of packaging. We pride ourselves in being the top wholesale supplier of marijuana packaging and smoking accessories. Check out our website and cart up on your favorites!
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