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Types of Hand Pipes: How to maintain glass pipes

No points for guessing the favorite smoking device of most people. It is a pipe. Easy to use, lightweight and effective! Whether a water pipe or a hand pipe, every smoker has at least one pipe they love and can't get enough of. Eventually, they start using it with some bong and become so used to it that if someone mishandles it or breaks it accidentally (even if that someone is them), it doesn't just break the bubbler but also their heart! It is a good idea to stock on different types of hand pipes because different people have different preferences. Some people prefer silicone pipes, some prefer ceramic stuff, and some like their pipes made of glass.

Hand Pipes according to Usage

Novice smokers will look out for your suggestions when it comes to helping them choose a hand pipe for themselves. It can be challenging to suggest a particular type of hand pipe to someone, but you can still give them an idea depending on how they plan to use it.

• Glass Pipes
As you already know, glass is a material that can break easily. However, it is not like it will necessarily break if someone drops the bong. Some glass bongs are resistant and might escape a few cracks despite repeated bouncing. It also depends on the type of glass used to make the smoking pipe. Some pipes are made of regular double-sided glass that is thick. The most widely used type of glass – borosilicate glass, is highly brittle and comes in handy for dab rigs and bubblers. Quartz pipes are considered high-quality because of their ability to withstand pressure. It is also resistant to temperature change. Glass pipes are best for people who usually like smoking at home and don't travel with their pipes too much.

• Ceramic Pipes
Ceramic hand pipes should not be traveled with because they are even more prone to breakage and can be challenging to put together. They are recommended for people who are careful with their stuff and enjoy smoking at home.

• Silicone Pipes

Silicone pipes are the best for smokers who like to smoke on the go and travel everywhere with their hand pipes. They are unbreakable and can even get folded to fit into the luggage!

Tips for Effective Maintenance of Glass Pipes

Despite its high-quality, exquisite look and popularity, people stay away from glass pipes primarily because they are prone to breaking, especially with intricate designs. When your customers seem apprehensive about glass pipes because of their fragile nature, you can offer them some tips they can use to ensure they stay safe and are handled with care. Let us have a look at these tips.

1. Use a Carry Bag
Smokers should use a carry bag to carry their glass pipe around. Most breakages happen when the bongs are transported from one place to another. It is crucial to be 'extra careful' when one transports the pipes. Handling it 24x7 or keeping it exposed in the car or with other things at home makes it more prone to breakage. A soft carry bag will help safeguard the glass pipe to a certain extent.

2. Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Those who know physics know that heat expands things while cold contracts them. The same concept applies to glass pipes as well. When the smoker uses extreme temperatures while smoking, it impacts the glass pipe too. Warming the glass pipe quickly and cooling them down quicker can lead to glass shattering. It is recommended not to put it in the freezer immediately after use to avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures.

3. Dump the water post every smoke session
Ensure that the water used during smoking is dumped after the session. Of course, this is crucial to keep the pipe clean but also because water quickly changes its form depending on the surrounding temperature. It will freeze if it is too cold and expand the pipe if it's too hot.

Tips to Clean Glass Pipes

Another popular query you might get from novice glass pipe users is about cleaning and maintaining the glass pipes. Cleaning the glass pipe extends its life, maintains its quality, and makes smoking more fun because it clears all the air pathways.

1. Consistency is the key
Cleaning the glass pipes regularly is crucial to maintaining them well. Without regular cleaning, the pipe can accumulate dirt and resin, which can get challenging to get rid of. Also, the resin sticks to the sides of the bongs where the water is stored and can influence the taste of the herbs!

2. Choose the correct method

Besides regularly cleaning the glass pipe, it is crucial to clean it very carefully. Many people fill the pipe with hot water and poke its insides with a sharp poking object. This can cause easy breakage due to creases instead of cleaning the pipe. Using a suitable cleaning method is equally important as the frequency of cleaning.

3. Use a Pipe Cleaner Formula

Many people use different items to create a cleaning formula for the pipe. This process can be quite time-consuming and may or may not work depending on the products used. The easiest way to clean the smoking pipe is to use a pipe cleaner formula that is readily available to use. Pour it in and close all pipe ends with the rubber cap. Shake it well, and then dump the dirty water out. Rinse it with hot water and dry it well before smoking again.


The above tips for using, maintaining, and cleaning glass pipes will ensure that your customers' favorite glass pipes last them long enough. And you, too, can stock their favorite glass pipes in your smoke shop by choosing from the diverse range of glass pipes available on MJ Wholesale at the best prices!

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