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Exit Packaging

The legalization of recreational and medical cannabis is becoming increasingly common. With the expansion of legalized marijuana in states such as California, Massachusetts, and Washington, it's only natural that more laws and regulations have fallen into place. 

Dispensary owners need to be aware of all the laws surrounding areas such as legal cannabis packaging so they can equip themselves with the necessary inventory to be state compliant. 

The goal of this blog is to give an overview of common marijuana packaging laws while highlighting the state compliant products that MJ Wholesale has to offer. 

Let's touch on what kind of packaging laws dispensaries are complying with before offering specific products.

Importance of Exit Packaging

Exit Packaging

To make things easy, we're providing a link to Leafly's guide that provides a state-by-state breakdown on specific cannabis packaging and labeling laws. 

While many states share select laws regarding proper labeling and packaging practices, some state laws are more strict than others. Individual states require that a cannabis product be concealed during a sale while others do not. One rule that all states share is that cannabis products must contain proper labeling during a sales transaction.

While most businesses and even consumers are familiar with common dispensary laws such as labeling, one requirement that might be less known is the practice of using exit packaging for sales. 

While not everyone may be familiar with exit packaging, the idea behind the practice is simple: dispensaries use specific packaging for users to carry purchased products out of their stores. 

Why is this necessary, though? Isn't it just a waste of extra packaging? 

Not exactly.

Exit bags are designed to be reusable. Lawmakers encourage dispensaries to use exit bags for their child-resistant capabilities. A perk that consumers gain from using exit packaging is that their product will be contained in an additional sealed layer that maintains the product's freshness and discretion. 

Discretion is critical for situations such as product storage as you don't want the smell of a product to overpower the space it's present in. 

Now that we've outlined some prevailing packaging laws and defined what exit packaging is, it's for product recommendations that can help your dispensary be state compliant. 

Exit Packaging and Other Essential Dispensary Supplies 

MJ Wholesale understands the responsibility that dispensaries have in following state packaging laws. That's why our extensive inventory features products that can help your business stay compliant while working to keep your products fresh and discreet at the same time. 

There is a whole category on the MJ Wholesale website that is dedicated to providing a wide selection of exit packaging products. Paper, Mylar, or plastic exit bags are all options on MJ Wholesale with different sizes to support higher or lower levels of product weight. 

Opaque exit packaging is an excellent option for states that require the concealment of products during a sale. 

Mylar exit bags offer great potential for reusability. Some dispensaries reward their customers for reusing Mylar pinch n' slide exit bags

Many of our exit packaging products are child-safe for states with child-resistant packaging laws. 

Check out MJ Wholesale's state-compliant label category if you're looking to stay state-compliant beyond the scope of exit packaging.

Universal stickers are available once you're stocked up on state labels for your products.

MJ Wholesale Helps Dispensaries Remain State Compliant 

MJ Wholesale provides an inventory that helps dispensaries remain state compliant with packaging laws. Products such as Mylar exit bags serve multiple purposes at once by keeping products fresh, discreet, and child-resistant for sales. 

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