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Edible Packaging

MJ Wholesale recognizes the central role that edible products play in a dispensary’s economy—that’s why we work to provide you with an extensive selection of edible packaging options. 

Edible Packaging

As the cannabis market continues to foster the growth of new and innovative edible products, edible packaging has had to evolve equally as fast. Different products require various types of packaging to ensure the product is convenient for travel and storage while being kept fresh at the same time.  

This post is designed to inform readers of the impact edibles have had on the marijuana industry while highlighting top-notch packaging that dispensaries can utilize for their business practices from MJ Wholesale. 

Let’s take a look at the history of edibles to understand better how these cannabis products have evolved over the years. 

History of Edibles to Modern Edible Products/Rise in Prominence 

Producing edible forms of cannabis has been a practice that dates back thousands of years to people who were eating hash regularly. Leafly’s article on the global history of edibles states that edible consumption may date back as far as 50,000 years.

The earliest consumption of edible hash was boosted through Persian and Indian populations during the Islamic Golden Age. Sweeteners, spices, and other ingredients were added to make edible hash a tasty ingredient to complement the hash’s effect. Similar practices are used today when edibles are created using foods such as Rice Krispies or brownies. 

The Tradition of Edibles Continues 

Early edible practices in locations such as India continue to affect modern times. The Bhang Lassi is a marijuana-infused yogurt drink that can be found in most parts of India today. 

Hash edibles continued to be consumed throughout the medieval times, all the way up to the 1800s. At the time, famous writers enjoyed and promoted the use of hash until a negative public opinion started to form against the practice.

During the late 20th century, popular edible items such as pot brownies rose in prominence. San Francisco saw a boom in the consumption of pot brownies during the 1970s when figures such as Mary Rathbun became famous for its underground production. 

While edible consumption was outlawed in places like America during the 20th century, Americans visited locations like Jamaica or Amsterdam to purchase edible items made by locals.

It wasn’t until recent cannabis legalization that American’s had convenient access to edible products. Nowadays, edible marijuana products are just as relevant as traditional flower. 

Edible Packaging Sizes and Styles

The boom of edible marijuana products within the legal cannabis economy has led to dispensary owners taking action to equip themselves with high-quality edible packaging. 

Ideal edible packaging should: 

  • Maintain the product’s freshness
  • Feature and accessible and resealable design
  • Be convenient for transport
  • Follow state packaging laws 

MJ Wholesale offers quality edible packaging supplies for dispensaries that meet all of the above expectations. Child-safe laws regarding edible packaging are something that all dispensary owners need to take into account. You’ll find a wide variety of child-safe edible packaging options through MJ Wholesale’s child-resistant Mylar bag inventory so your business can be state compliant. 

Size selection in edible packaging is essential with a wide variety of products on the market today. 

MJ Wholesale offers the following sizes for Mylar bags:

When it comes to our Mylar bags, you receive plenty of options at low wholesale prices with leading market products like Grip n’ Pull Child-Resistant bags and Dymapak.

If you’re looking for edible packaging supplies that differ from our Mylar bags, check out our hinged containers offered in sizes such as: 

Opaque edible packaging options are available for states that require marijuana products to be concealed during a sale. 

MJ Wholesale Supports the Edible Renaissance 

Edibles have been consumed for thousands of years and have made a significant comeback. Looser laws surrounding marijuana in places such as the United States have created the opportunity for dispensaries to feature a wide range of edible products. 

MJ Wholesale is proud to help dispensaries equip themselves with the necessary packaging to meet the public’s demand for edible products. We offer low-wholesale prices in combination with the opportunity to buy in bulk so your business can maximize profits.

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