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How to Properly Pack Your Edibles Using Mylar Edible Bags

How to Properly Pack Your Edibles Using Mylar Edible Bags

Even if you don't recognize Mylar packaging by name, the appearance of the bag alone is recognizable among cannabis enthusiasts.

Say goodbye to less efficient methods of storing edibles such as ziplock bags. Mylar edible packaging creates long-lasting freshness and odor resistance to keep your product discreet. 

Let's dive into why Mylar bags are the top choice for storing and transporting edible products. 

How to Properly Pack Your Edibles Using Mylar Edible Bags

Why Mylar Bags Are so Efficient 

When accessing a Mylar bag, you'll notice that the packaging is light and thin while being durable and strong at the same time. Mylar material is so popular that it's not only being used for edible and flower packaging. Insulators, solar filters, and emergency space blankets all utilize Mylar as a material.

As oxygen is removed from a Mylar bag, the packaging conforms to the product stored inside. Combining package conformity with the use of oxygen absorbers will ensure that virtually no oxygen is present in your bag. Less oxygen means a fresher, longer-lasting product. 

Mylar bags tend to be heat sealed to provide an extra layer of protection for your edible products. 

Light entering packaging can lead to marijuana products being damaged. Aside from being light and durable, an internal foil layer within Mylar bags helps protect the product against the light. 

Vapor deposition is a technique used during Mylar bag production that consists of metal being sprayed onto the material to create increased levels of protection for the product. 

It's not hard to see why most survival kits feature Mylar pouches. The design is convenient and optimally efficient. 

Why Choosing The Right Edible Packaging Is Important 

When deciding to go with an alternate method of packaging and storing your edibles, such as vacuum sealing, you run some risks. 

What are those risks? 

Let's list a few risks with vacuum sealing:  

  • Vacuum sealing doesn't remove as much oxygen as Mylar bags
  • Allows light in 
  • Higher chance of an air leak occurring 

Packaging your edibles with Mylar leads to more peace of mind regarding the protection of your products. 

Different Mylar Bags Help Comply With Different State Laws 

Part of MJ Wholesale's mission is to provide businesses with packaging that is compliant with state laws regarding how marijuana products are packaged. 

There are three primary marijuana packaging laws that businesses should be aware of: 

While following these laws depending on your state's rules and regulations is essential for obvious reasons, using authorized and child-safe packaging helps establish your business's image as professional. 

There is a whole category from MJ Wholesale that's dedicated toward providing your business with child-safe Mylar bags. Offering child-safe packaging makes sure your business complies with state laws while providing your customers with safe and resealable storage for edible products. 

Some states require marijuana products to be concealed during a transaction. Opaque Mylar packaging provides the ability to provide proper concealment of products during sales while keeping the product fresh and convenient for transportation and storage. 

States that don't have laws and regulations requiring opaque packaging can also consider vista packaging for their products. Vista Mylar bags feature one transparent side and one opaque side. 

How to Pack Your Edibles Using Mylar Edible Bags

Mylar bags feature a simple design for maximum convenience. Locking mechanisms and tamper-evident elements help keep your products fresh while providing opportunities to reseal the bag. 

Opening Mylar bags is simple. The first step is to tear the top fold across the bag to reveal the Grip n' Pull design. Grab one side of the bag and pull in the opposite direction to break the seal and access the product. 

MJ Wholesale Mylar Edible Bags 

Now that we've established why Mylar edible bags are so efficient for packaging edibles, the next step is to help you find the correct Mylar bag products that match your needs. 

Mylar Edible Bag Sizes

Size is the most critical factor when it comes to selecting Mylar bags to package your edible products. Read up on our blog on Mylar bag sizes for a detailed guide on size selection. 

MJ Wholesale offers Mylar bags in the following sizes: 

A variety of Mylar bag sizes are offered through MJ Wholesale so you can meet the different levels of needs that your business presents. Ordering in bulk through our low wholesale prices allows you to meet business's needs with consistency.  

MJ Wholesale recognizes that edibles are a central part of dispensary sales.

Edible packaging for your business should appear and function professionally. Utilizing Mylar Edible bags for your business is an easy task using MJ Wholesale's directory of edible containers

Child-safe packaging and a variety of sizes are offered through our directory of Mylar edible bags so you're sure to meet the needs of your customers while following state laws and regulations. 

Get started with Mylar bags today so you can have a fresher product tomorrow. 

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