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Chinese Pop Tops and American Pop Tops Vials

America and China are two of the dominant economic forces when it comes to producing and marketing cannabis packaging products.

Chinese Pop Tops and American Pop Tops Vials

To conclude which country produces the best packaging products, we’re going to outline the pros and cons of each culture’s production and business style to make an overall recommendation.

If you’re still unsure even after our final recommendation, MJ Wholesale luckily sells both styles of pop tops to suit your dispensary’s needs and preferences.

Let’s start with cannabis packaging products made in the USA.

American Pop Tops and Other Packaging

In terms of delivery speed, American Pop Top packaging is the way to go. With production and distribution within the nation, the turnaround for Americans requesting U.S.-made products is naturally going to be faster.

If you run a US dispensary, you’re going to gravitate toward American products such as Phillips Pop Top Vials.

Pop Top Companies such as Phillips provide plenty of packaging products that are child-resistant so states can operate in compliance with state packaging laws.

Phillips Pop Top Vial sizes on MJ Wholesale consist of:

American packaging manufacturers want dispensaries to know how quickly they can respond to recent changes in packaging laws and regulations. If you live in a state where a packing law has changed or been implemented, it’s essential to get up to date products quickly so you can continue distributing products through sales.

One downside associated with purchasing American Pop Top vials is the higher pricing. Raw materials are the most expensive part of the manufacturing process, but American companies justify their production and sale costs by claiming their products are of higher quality.

While the chances of American Pop Top and other packaging products being better quality is most likely true due to Chinese packaging being cheaper, the question of whether you prioritize pricing or quality is up to you.

Let’s take a look at what Chinese packaging companies are offering the cannabis industry:

Chinese Pop Tops and Other Packaging

For dispensaries that are looking to cut back on packaging costs, purchasing Chinese packaging can be an option that significantly reduces top-line expenses. The reason why Chinese Pop Top packaging items can be sold for less is because China can produce packaging products for pennies.

Production costs in Asia are often measured at 10x less than America in critical categories such as energy, labor, and raw materials.

Some people design their products in the United States and have them imported from China. While some dispensaries have the capital to buy more expensive, quality packaging, many dispensaries need lower pricing on packaging options to compete in the market.

MJ Wholesale Pop-Top Dram sizes include:

Final Recommendation

MJ Wholesale is proud to offer both American and Chinese made Pop Top dispensary packaging, so whatever your preference is, we’ve got you covered.

For newer dispensaries with lower packaging budgets, Chinese packaging supplies can reduce top-line expenses. Dispensaries with a higher level of capital should pay the extra cost and go with American-made pop-top packaging due to the increased turnaround time and overall better quality.

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