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Philips 13 Dram Pop Top


PHILIPS offers the very best in pop-top vials and storage containers. Used for a variety of businesses and clinics, pop tops have also found their home with flower.

Storing your cannabis or even concentrate in one of these containers helps automatically make it smell-resistant. Child-resistant too, they're actually certified to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, protocol and standards. 

Check out our 13-dram vials below; they're the perfect size for one gram of product or flower. While they may snugly be able to fit more, you optimize the max potency and freshness of your cannabis by keeping it at that max. For bigger sizes, make sure to look at our other PHILIPS pop tops!

Philips Pop Top Vials Made in USA
Philips 13 Dram Philips 19 Dram Philips 30 Dram Philips 60 Dram

6 Dram | 13 Dram | 19 Dram | 30 Dram | 60 Dram | 90 Dram Tamper-Evident | Joint Tubes

Moisture-resistant and airtight, the vials are also made with opaque colors to block out sunlight and keep the product inside as fresh and potent as possible. Molded from an FDA-compliant material in an ISO 900:2015 certified facility, they're a go-to favorite among smokers and other users.

Enjoy PHILIPS pop top vials, made in the USA, which have a signature popping sound to let you know when they're opened or closed. Easy to use, cost-effective, and incredibly popular, make sure you grab these up to have more to impress your customers with!