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Philips 60 Dram Pop Top

MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a vast collection of the Philips 60-dram pop tops, composed of FDA compliant material and are available in opaque and translucent varietiesThey feature an easy access squeeze top that opens with a popping sound. The signature popping sound makes the pop top bottles convenient, senior friendly and popular as a marijuana packaging option. 

Typically used as pharmacy bottles, and perfect to package and store up to half an ounce of flower, the Philips 60 Dram Pop Tops are one of the most popular marijuana packaging solutions. One of the best options for personal usage, you can offer your customers these brand-new 60 dram pop top vials consisting of their flower. Dispensaries, processors and growers  love the 60-dram pop tops as they are the largest pop-top available,  child-resistant, smell-proof, air-tight, moisture-resistant and the end user can use it multiple times for packaging and storage, so in a way, its eco-friendly.


You can buy the Philips Pop Top vials in bundles too. Bundles consist of a mix of different Philips pop top vials and joint tubes. These bundles contain the 13-dram, 19-dram, 30 dram and 60 dram pop top vials along with 116 mm joint tubes. These bundles too, are available in colored opaque and clear translucent varieties. The opaque vials block sunlight and keep the contents fresh and potent for long while the translucent vials provide visibility into the contents. 

Philips makes its pop top vials entirely in the USA and their pop top containers provide maximum security to the contents. They are certified to fulfill all CPSC protocol and standards, and are safe for usage. Philips pop top vials are durable, light-weight and portable. Shop from MJ Wholesale and get the best deals on marijuana packaging suppliessmoking accessories and top-quality branded products.


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