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Glass Hand Pipes

Not just marijuana packaging and processing tools, MJ Wholesale has the best smoking accessories too. You can check out our glass hand pipes collection. The glass hand pipes in our collection are visually appealing and designed to give your customers an unparalleled smoking experience. From classic designs to quirky ones, our collection has something for everyone.

Get ready to add a touch of fanciness to your collection with our 4.5" mini-Sherlock hand pipe. Perfect for a quick smoke break, this little guy might be small in size, but sure packs a powerful punch. If you want to bring some variety to your hand pipe collection, stock up on the 4” ring hand pipe with the Rasta line design we have in our collection. Our extensive collection of hand pipes is perfect for any type of customer you may have.

The hand pipe has been a popular smoking tool, and over time has evolved into an incredible device. A Glass Hand Pipe, in particular, is much more than just a regular hand pipe, because not only does it look sleek and elegant, it provides smoother and cooler hits! In this post, we will explore everything there is to know about using a Glass Hand Pipe. 

Here is an overview of all the topics discussed in this post.

  • What is a Glass Hand Pipe?
  • The types of Glass Hand Pipes
  • How does a Glass Hand Pipe work?
  • How to use a Glass Hand Pipe?
  • How to clean a Glass Hand Pipe?
  • Why should you stock up on Glass Hand Pipe in your shop?
  • Where can you buy Glass Hand Pipe at wholesale prices?
  • Glass Hand Pipe – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Glass Hand Pipes

What is a Glass Hand Pipe?

A Glass Hand Pipe is a type of smoking device typically made from borosilicate glass and may be used to smoke dry herbs, tobacco, or other materials. This device consists of three main parts: the bowl, the stem, and the mouthpiece.

The bowl is crafted to hold the cannabis and the stem ends in the mouthpiece. At one end of the stem lies the bowl where one can pack their herbs, while at its other tip is situated the user's inhalation point -the mouthpiece. Glass hand pipes are designed for ultimate smoking convenience

The types of Glass Hand Pipes

Glass Hand Pipes come in various styles, forms and sizes, from simple designs to intricate and ornamental pieces. These smoking devices can be crafted with multiple colors, patterns, and textures or even shaped like animals or other objects. 

Here are some of the most common types of glass hand pipes and their characteristics:

  • Spoon Pipes: Spoon pipes are the most preferred type of hand pipes, being small and basic yet effortless. They generally have a spoon shape with the bowl at the end that holds the smoking material and a carburetor or "carb" hole. It is covered while inhaling and then released to clear the smoke when done.
  • Sherlock Pipes: Sherlock Holmes has inspired the design of these elegant pipes, providing a tasteful pipe-like shape for an unforgettable smoking experience. Their larger bowl and longer stem allow your customers to smoke without burning their fingers while also allowing them to enjoy a cooler and smoother draw from each hit. If they seek a unique and enjoyable way to smoke that stands out from other products on the market – a Sherlock pipe should be their choice. 
  • Spiral Pipes: Spiral pipes boast of an attractive, spiral-shaped stem for a comfortable hold. With the bowl and carb situated at the end of the twisted shaft, packing and clearing this pipe is effortless. Its unique design adds a stylish touch whenever it is used!
  • Fumed Glass Hand pipe: Fumed glass hand pipes possess a unique aesthetic. It is crafted by heating silver or gold fumes onto the surface of the glass to create an ever-changing swirling iridescent effect that shifts in color depending on lighting and viewing angle. These pipes are just the item for those seeking a collectible, fashionable and captivating smoking accessory!
  • Hammer Hand Pipes: Hammer hand pipes are the perfect choice for those who prefer a pipe that won't tip over easily. Their flat bottom allows them to stand upright on any surface, while their longer stem and smaller bowl make them comfortable and easy to hold. 
  • Ball Hand Glass PipesIdeal for those seeking a discreet and transportable smoking apparatus, ball hand pipes offer the comfort of fitting perfectly in one’s palm. These rounded pieces boast of a shallow bowl and carb that lets the smoker easily control how much smoke is inhaled with each puff.
  • Mushroom Glass Hand pipe: With a unique and fun design, mushroom hand pipes are the perfect accessory for any smoking enthusiast. These imaginative pipes are just the answer for those seeking a unique smoking experience. They have a bowl-shaped design that look like mushrooms – hence their namesake. With small bowls and convenient built-in carbs, it's easy to see why they're so popular.

How does a Glass Hand Pipe work?

The substance of choice is placed in the bowl when using a hand pipe. With the aid of an external heat source such as a lighter, the substance combusts and generates smoke that travels through the stem before reaching the mouth of the smoker with each puff. Crafted to direct the smoke from bowl to mouthpiece, the stem of a glass hand pipe can vary in shape and length depending on the design. These pipes often feature a small hole or carb at one end for optimal control of the intensity of smoke.

For a comfortable and convenient smoking experience, the mouthpiece must be easy to use and provide an optimal inhaling sensation. Some hand pipes boast of additional features like built-in filters or percolators that enhance the quality and mellowness of the smoke for an even better experience.

How to use a Glass Hand Pipe?

As a smoke shop owner, you can guide your customers about the usage of hand pipes. Here is an easy step-by-step guide that your customers can follow:

  • Gather the materials: To get started, your customers need a good quality glass hand pipe, some ground-up herbs, and of course - a lighter.
  • Pack the bowl: Utilizing a tool or their fingertips, they can easily pack the ground herb into the bowl of their hand pipe. However, you should encourage them not to overpack it, which could reduce airflow and impair their smoking experience.
  • Light the herb: Once the bowl is packed, they can use the lighter to light the herb while inhaling through the mouthpiece. Advise them to remove their finger from the carb hole on the side of the pipe to allow smoke to flow through.
  • Inhale: Encourage your customers to draw the smoke into their lungs, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale.
  • Repeat: They can repeat the process until they've smoked the desired amount. Simple, isn’t it?

How to clean a Glass Hand Pipe?

It is necessary to maintain glass hand pipes in pristine condition to ensure they look good and function well. Here are some straightforward steps to successfully clean glass hand pipes:

  • Gather Cleaning Supplies: To ensure your glass hand pipe is squeaky clean, you'll need some coarse salt and Isopropyl alcohol, plus either a Ziplock bag or a container with lid and pipe cleaners.
  • Disassemble the Pipe: Disintegrate the components of your glass hand pipe with care so that each piece can be cleaned individually.
  • Soak the Pieces: To clean your glass hand pipe, fill up a resealable bag or a container with isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt. Then, drop the pieces inside and securely seal them shut. Shake the contents until everything is completely covered in the cleaning solution before allowing them to soak for an hour - if you can wait overnight, even better!
  • Rinse and Scrub: Once the components have been soaked for the duration, remove them from the container and rinse thoroughly with warm water. To remove any trace of stubborn remains or grime clinging inside the pipe or bowl, use some pipe cleaners for a spotless finish.
  • Dry the Pieces: After washing the pieces, lay them on a paper towel or cloth for proper drying. Ensure you provide adequate time to each piece for drying completely before use.

Why should I stock up on Glass Hand Pipes in my shop?

Investing in glass hand pipes is the best decision you can take as a head shop or smoke shop owner. Here are some persuasive reasons why you should add these items to your inventory:

  • Flavorful Smoking Experience

When smoking, glass hand pipes provide an untarnished experience that lets one savor the authentic taste of the herbs. Unlike metal and plastic pipes that add their own flavor to the mix, glass allows for a purer puff with no additions to its aroma or flavor.

  • Aesthetic Appeal for Your Shop

Elevate your store’s inventory with the charm and sophistication that glass hand pipes can bring. Choose from a vast selection of eye-catching designs, from classic to cutting-edge artistry, to transform any wall or shelf into an artistic masterpiece. With style options too many to count, you will find something special for every customer in your shop!

  • Versatility for Smokers

Hand pipes are incredibly convenient smoking devices that can cater to different needs and preferences, making them an ideal choice for smokers who like to try out new designs and styles each time. Whether they prefer dry herbs or concentrates (or both!), these pipes won’t disappoint.

  • Reusable Option

Offering glass hand pipes in your shop is a smart, sustainable choice that resonates with customers who prioritize eco-friendliness. These pipes are better than plastic pipes and can be reused, unlike disposable smoking accessories like rolling papers or pre-rolled cones. When they've reached their lifespan, they can still be recycled - making them an incredibly eco-friendly item to include in your inventory.

Where can I buy Glass Hand Pipes at wholesale prices?

If you're searching for the highest quality and most affordable glass pipes, there's no better place to shop than MJ Wholesale. We offer hundreds of smoking pipes and accessories at unbeatably low prices. Furthermore, our selection is incomparable to other wholesale distributors - giving you a secure access to all your favorite products under a single roof!

With our continuously growing, diverse selection of glass pipes, we are the most eclectic and reliable choice. Not only is our collection affordably priced, but is also visually attractive, with enhanced functionality that can be maintained over time if taken care of properly. Order your bulk supply from us today to keep your marijuana business at the forefront of consumer trends while reaping significant savings.

Glass Hand Pipe – The Final Verdict

For smoke and headshop owners, having an extensive collection of glass pieces is essential owing to their enormous popularity. The classic glass hand pipe remains the go-to tool for cannabis consumers because it's so user-friendly and convenient to carry around. Therefore, no matter what type of marijuana business you own, stocking up on some of these pipes is crucial. And investing in wholesale glass hand pipes from MJ Wholesale is the perfect way to get these items at a price that is reasonable. With our unbeatable prices, you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best products available while saving money - it's a win-win situation! So, what are you waiting for? Order now and ensure your customers can access all the latest and greatest heady glass pipes only from you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Glass Hand Pipe

  • Which are the top brands of Glass Hand Pipes in your collection?

We have a wide variety of glass hand pipes from popular brands like Famous Brandz, Klean, and Randy’s among others. 

  • What is the design of the Famous Brandz - 5" Space Hammer Hand Glass?

The Famous Brandz - 5" Space Hammer Hand Glass has a minimalistic geometric print on a red base.

  • What is the carb hole in a hand pipe used for?

The carb hole is used to clear smoke and adjust the airflow when using a hand pipe.

  • What is the size of the Peanut Hand Glass?

The Peanut Hand Glasses are 2.5 to 3 inches in length. 

  • What material is the 4" Deep Fumed Glass hand pipe made of?

The 4" Deep Fumed Glass Handpiece is made of thick and sturdy borosilicate glass.


Looking for a hand pipe that's both stylish and easy to use? Get your hands on the Famous Design Papaya Hammer Hand Glass Pipe from our collection. This one-of-a-kind piece is pleasing to the eyes and designed to deliver a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Trust us; your customers will love it! The colorful design of the 3" Line Ball Hand Glass Pipe will catch your customers' attention, as the three-line pattern adds a touch of uniqueness and class to it. 

No matter what style of pipes you are looking for, we have them all- at wholesale prices! At MJ Wholesale, we offer an extensive collection of glass hand pipes that can please even the most discerning smokers. Browse our collection today and give your customers the ultimate smoking experience with our premium glass hand pipes. Buy now! 


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