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Concentrate Containers and what they are used for

Cannabis concentrates have a notorious reputation for being incredibly sticky and hard to store. Any consumer of concentrates can attest that most storage options often leave traces of product inside of them. In this article, we'll address where to store concentrates, what to store concentrates in, and the various tools and accessories that accompany the use of concentrates. Hopefully, after this article, you'll never lose product to poor storage again.

Concentrate Containers and what they are used for

Where to store concentrates is the first thought that should happen, before what to store it in. Cannabis concentrates have numerous benefits, mainly having more of everything users want out of a cannabis experience. This includes higher cannabinoid content (THC, CBD, ect), higher terpene density, and the concentrates require much less space. Cannabinoids and terpenes decay quickly when left at room temperature and even faster when exposed to sunlight. Unlike the cannabis in herb form, this happens much quicker to concentrate as the plant material protects the cannabinoids on the inside of the bud. This is why concentrate should be stored either in a dark location or in a concentrate container that will not allow light to penetrate to the product. Cannabinoids and terpenes degrade in the presence of heat, so this means a freezer is the best location for concentrate storage. If a freezer is not accessible, then the next best dry and cool place available.

With a location set aside, the next concern should be the concentrate container for the concentrate. For small amounts, parchment paper folded multiple times is sufficient for storage. Most concentrates are also sold in acrylic, Glass Container glass, and silicone concentrate containers.Acrylic and glass concentrate containers often are the worst offenders for wasting concentrates. Silicone is naturally a nonstick material, and it's incredibly easy to get every bit of concentrate out of those types of concentrate containers.Silicone Container  Make sure the concentrate container is properly sized for the amount and consistency being stored. If the amount stored is not in a properly sized concentrate container, the concentrate is liable to shake around and become dispersed thinly throughout the concentrate container. This can make removing the product incredibly difficult. No matter the material, if the concentrate is placed in the freezer for 20-30 minutes it will harden and be incredibly easy to remove for any of these listed concentrate container materials. If it is still difficult, then it's the tool you're using that is incorrect. 

The last consideration for concentrate storage is the tools accompanying use. Dab tools come in many different lengths, shapes, materials, and colors. Glass, Dab Toolsmetal, and quartz are the most commonly seen. The biggest consideration for the tool to be used is the storage concentrate container you're removing the product from. Having a wide variety of tools is useful for users buying many different brands of product. A square-shaped tool has a difficult time being used to scrape the corners of a rounded raised bottom concentrate container. Lastly, once you have the product on your tool you need a torch and oil rig to smoke the product. 

Moving forward, you should no longer lose any concentrate to improper storage. Concentrate keeps best when stored in a cold, dark, and dry location. The proper storage material makes retrieving concentrate for use a breeze. This is of course assuming you're using the proper dab tools for the concentrate container. If these considerations are all kept in mind, concentrate waste will be minimal. Here at MJ Wholesale, we are proud to have concentrate containers of all different materials and sizes wholesale from 5mL to 15mL!

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