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Glass, plastic or silicone what’s best for concentrates?

While concentrates are a more recent hit on the cannabis market, people have been consuming them for years. We have more choices nowadays in how we consume concentrates nowadays.

Since there are different types of cannabis concentrate products on the market, there are various types of concentrate packaging options. With a variety of concentrate choices, the question of which concentrate packaging option is best for dispensaries remains.

Before we give our recommendation on the best concentrate packaging, let’s establish a better overall context of concentrates to form a more sound position on the matter.

We’re going to start off discussing what exactly concentrates are and why they need specific types of packaging. 

Glass, plastic or silicone what's best for concentrates?

What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates isolate the more desirable components of cannabis, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, to create products with more potent effects. 

People have been consuming marijuana concentrates for thousands of years, most notably in the form of hash.

Nowadays, there are specific styles of concentrates that cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the most, including: 

  • Rosin
  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Crumble
  • Budder
  • Oil
  • Live resin 

There are different methods of consuming concentrates. Two of the most common ways to enjoy concentrates are through vaping products such as wax or through the use of a dab rig to activate the concentrate. 

With the vast number of concentrate options that cannabis enthusiasts have to choose from, dispensaries need varied styles of concentrate supplies to package different types of products properly. 

MJ Wholesale offers concentrate packaging for dispensaries at low wholesale prices so you can buy in bulk and maximize your profits. 

Specific Types of Concentrate Packaging 


Glass jars tend to be preferred for concentrate storage due to their hygienic qualities. The airtight seal from lids on MJ Wholesale’s glass concentrate containers are designed to keep your products fresh. For dispensaries with child-safe packaging laws, you can purchase child-resistant glass concentrate containers so that your packaging is state-compliant. 

MJ Wholesale offers the following sizes for glass concentrate containers: 

Ideal for commercial use, glass jars provide your dispensary’s packaging with a professional look. Concentrate glass jars are just as useful for private use after purchasing a concentrate product in a dispensary due to their convenience in both transport and storage. 


MJ Wholesale’s Acrylic concentrate containers provide the same airtight seal as a regular glass concentrate container and come in multiple options, including screw-top or hinged lids. One of the main perks of purchasing Acrylic concentrate packaging is that it is more sturdy than traditional glass. 

Bulk acrylic options such as our shatter containers offer great value for dispensaries. Browse our entire selection of acrylic packaging supplies to find the options that work best for your business. 


So we’ve pointed out the benefits that glass and acrylic concentrate containers present. You might be wondering why silicone is even on the list as a recommended packaging material for concentrates. 

The reason silicone is used for concentrate packaging is its non-stick qualities. Non-stick features are especially useful for concentrates such as wax that tend to be sticky. When utilizing non-stick silicone packaging for concentrates, a user receives excellent value as they can consume every bit of the product. 

You can find silicone concentrate packaging on MJ Wholesale in the following sizes: 

Qube Jars 

We mentioned earlier in this post that the evolution of marijuana products such as concentrates has led to an equally explosive development in packaging solutions. 

Qube jars from MJ Wholesale offer the unique benefit of being able to add labels to any of the packaging’s six sides.

All of the Qube jars that MJ Wholesale offers are child-resistant in either 5 mL or 9 mL and are available in a variety of colors.

While all of MJ Wholesale’s concentrate containers offer unique benefits for dispensary owners and users, our recommendation for the best concentrate packaging is silicone. 

Through using silicone, a user won’t have to worry about concentrate products such as wax sticking to the container, which can result in wasted concentrate. 

Browse all of MJ Wholesale’s concentrate containers to find the packaging supplies that are right for you. 

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