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Head Shop, Vape Shop, Smoke Shop, and Tobacco Shop: Are they the same?

Contrary to what most people think, a smoke shop is not the same as a head shop, and a head shop is not the same as a vape shop. Similarly, a vape shop is not the same as a smoke shop. All these establishments are distinct and have different offerings. Let us discuss each of these establishments and their primary offerings in detail.

Head Shops

  • What is a head shop?

A retail outlet specializing in equipment, accessories, and tools for the consumption of cannabis and tobacco is called a head shop. They are also famous for selling other items related to cannabis culture. It is a regular stop for all those who love to smoke, primarily because it stocks everything one might need to start smoking cannabis or tobacco. Head shops are quite popular in places where cannabis is legalized. Some head shop retail stores and online head shops provide direct shipping to the customer’s address.

  • What does a head shop sell?

Head shops stock smoking tools and equipment like Bongs, Dab Rigs, Hand Pipes, Vaporizers, and other Smoking Accessories like torches and lighters. They are also famous for selling items related to the cannabis culture, such as magazines related to cannabis growing & processing, weed-themed apparel, funky home décor, and antiquities related to cannabis.

Vape Shops

  • What is a vape shop?

A vape shop, also known as a vapor store or vape store, is a retail outlet that sells electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) products. There are online cigar shops or vape shops, too, that have the same offerings.

  • What does a vape shop sell?

Vape shops these days carry a range of nicotine e-juices and vape pens, among many other things. Some vape shops also carry a  variety of gummies, CBD tinctures, silicone pipes, glass pipes, and so on.

Smoke Shops

  • What is a smoke shop or a tobacco shop?

Smoke shops, vape shops, and head shops are all different establishments. What is a tobacco shop, then? Confused? A tobacco shop or tobacconist is also called a smoke shop. A retail shop primarily focused on selling cigarettes, cigars, tobacco products, and other nicotine vaping products is a smoke shop.

  • What does a smoke shop sell?

In addition to cigars and cigarettes, smoke shops these days carry products similar to head shops like hand pipes, dab rigs, vapes, and other smoking accessories like lighters, pipe cleaners, and pipe tampers.

More about tobacco shops or smoke shops

Smoke and tobacco shops face competition from other retailers such as grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and online retailers. An average tobacco and smoke shop employs nearly three workers and generates close to $810,000 annually. They do so by selling tobacco, various smoking equipment, tools, and accessories. Here are some products sold at tobacco shops:


Pipes are smoking tools that can be used to smoke tobacco directly. They do not have a water chamber, which is why their hits can be a bit strong. Pipes are made of different materials like corn, glass, porcelain, acrylic, clay, briar, heather, and meerschaum, to name a few. Some popular tobacco pipes are hand pipes, chillums, and chibouk.


Bongs are primarily used to smoke cannabis and are durable smoking tools. One can find bongs made of varied materials. They are available in several shapes, sizes, and designs. Many famous brands have come up with a range of bongs of their own.

3.Rolling Papers

These are small, thin, crisp sheets of paper that can be used to roll cannabis and tobacco for smoking. Available in a variety of sizes, these days, rolling papers are available in distinct flavors as well. Some popular flavors among rolling papers are chocolate, blueberry, etc.


Generally preferred by people who wish to quit smoking, e-cigarettes allow the inhalation of vapors and aerosol. These contain e-liquids containing nicotine, water, glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavorings.

5.Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are special types of bongs used to smoke concentrates. They produce a vapor that can be inhaled. The process involves heating a nail with a torch.


Hookahs are long smoking tools used to smoke flavored tobacco, popularly called “shisha.” They are usually made of glass and were invented centuries ago. Newer hookahs are made of different materials and are considered more durable and safer.


Vaporizers are pretty famous for healthy smoking. They can be used to smoke dry herbs, dabs, and tobacco products, among others. They are handy, portable, and discreet.


Bubblers are just like smaller versions of bongs for additional portability. They give a smoother hit than pipes but do not include removable bowls.

Other than the above-mentioned popular products, smoke shops or tobacco shops sell various pipe-related accessories such as pipe tampers, pope cleaners, ashtrays, and some others like humidors, cigar cutters, weighing scales, and lighters, etc. At MJ Wholesale, we sell smoking equipment and accessories to all retail stores, whether you own a head shop, smoke shop, vape shop, or any other marijuana products business. We are proud to have the best collection of brands and product variety at wholesale prices. You can also buy a stock of your favorites for your shop on our website. So don’t wait and cart up today!
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