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$200 Order Minimum

Glass Bongs


Glass bongs are a favorite among smokers far and wide, so they're certainly a mainstay in our line of high-quality products. We want to give every user easy access to the products they find most valuable and effective for their smoking experience.

Why choose a glass bong? They're the perfect addition to make your smoke shop or dispensary stand out. Have more than just the product they'll consume -- have all the accessories ready for them to go on an adventure. 

Many people utilize bongs for a number of reasons. Made of glass, they're reusable and easy to clean. In fact, with just a simple pipe or bong cleaning solution, it can wipe clean like new every time. 

Customize a bong more than you would any other material, while also taking advantage of its durability. Sure, there are fragile glass bongs out there -- but we specialize in the big names that are thick and hardy. Make sure to check out all our glass bongs below to see which would get your customers' attention!