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What are dab tools, how to use them, different types and benefits: A complete guide.-MJ Wholesale

What are dab tools, how to use them, different types and benefits: A complete guide.

Dabbing has fast become one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana as it offers flavorful and strong hits. Dabbing refers to inhaling vaporized marijuana concentrate through a device such as a dab rig, dab pen, e-rig, rig in one, or vaporizer. It includes the process of heating the concentrate to a temperature that results in vapor that can be inhaled. However, one needs the right tools and equipment to enjoy dabbing fully. An essential yet often overlooked tool for dabbing is the dab tool. The smoker can use a dab tool to pick and hold the extract and apply it to the hot nail. Dab tools may be small, but are an important piece of equipment. Many dab rigs come with a dab tool. There are dab tool kits available, too. 

What is a dab tool?

A dab tool, or dabber, is a small stick-like instrument with a sharp edge that makes it easy to cut off a piece of the marijuana concentrate and apply it to your dab nail safely when it's hot enough. Dab tools are used to make handling concentrates and dab rigs easier.

Dab tools are long and made of highly heat-resistant material. MJ Wholesale offers high-quality dab tools and dab tool kits that are stylish, easy to handle, and effective. We carry a range of dab tools that have creative and unique designs.  

Benefits of a dab tool

Dab tools are essential for many reasons. Let's look at some benefits of dab tools. 

  • Dab tools make it easy to scoop up your chosen marijuana concentrate easily without causing a mess. 
  • Dabbing shatter, wax, resin, or any other kind of concentrate on a dab rig when it's very hot can be risky. You can't do this by hand, as it will result in severe burns. Dab tools make the dabbing process more convenient and help apply the dabs without any burns or injuries.
  • The dosing can be controlled better using a dab tool.
  • You only need a very small amount of your chosen marijuana extract for a strong effect, and dab tools are useful for separating your dabs into smaller pieces.
  • It minimizes the waste of your precious marijuana concentrate. By investing in high-quality dabbing instruments, you can make sure that you're getting the most out of your marijuana concentrates and enjoying them to their fullest potential.
  • The dab tool helps give a cleaner and more flavorful experience. It maintains the flavor, as direct contact with the finger transfers oils and changes the taste and aroma.

Types of dab tools

Dab tools can be of different types based on

  1. How they are designed
  2. The type of material used for dab tools

  • Design
  • These are a variety of dab tools based on the number of tips they have. Mainly there are three types of dab tools:

    1. Double-ended dab tools 

    These dab tools are where you get two tips in one tool. These are perfect for those seeking versatility and are the most common styles today.

    1. Changeable dab tools 

    These dab tools have changeable tips. They are available with different types of tips. They can be used for a variety of concentrates.

    1. Carb Cap Combo 

    This is a dab tool that is similar to the double-ended dab. You can use a carb tip to control the vapor as you inhale. With a carb cap combo, you can use one tip to apply the dab to the nail. Afterward, the tool is flipped to cover the dab and control the airflow while inhaling.


  • Material
  • Dab tools can be made of different types of materials. This makes some dab tools cheaper and some expensive. The expensive ones use high-quality materials for construction. Cheaper dab tools will only last for a while, given the routine temperature stresses, and will need to be replaced more frequently, which may cost more in the long run.

    Different materials like titanium, quartz, ceramic, and glass can be used to make dab tools. Each has pros and cons. Let's have a look.

    1. Titanium or Stainless-Steel

    Tools made with medical-grade titanium are durable, lightweight, and affordable. The negative side is that metals like titanium can leave a gnarly aftertaste.

    Stainless steel is very similar to titanium. It is more durable than quartz and glass but less than titanium. Stainless steel dab tools have heat retention capacity and are usually cheaper. 

    1. Quartz

    Quartz dab tools are very popular. Quartz is considered the best material available to retain the flavor of your dabs. Quartz dab tools heat up exceptionally well, cool off faster than other materials, and don't add a metallic taste. But quartz loses heat fast. Some heat gets transferred to the tool when used. Due to its faster cooling time, there is less chance of getting accidental burns. 

    1. Ceramic

    Ceramic has the capacity for heat retention over time, making it best for dabbing. This material holds heat better than quartz. It doesn't retain flavor like quartz but is still better than metal options.

    1. Glass

    Glass is the most fragile material used for making dab tools. It's popular as it allows the creation of funky and unique products. The hand-blown designs make them artistic and functional. The main issue with this glass dab tool is that it could break easily, so you must be careful not to drop it. Glass dab tools are a good choice if you prefer an appealing and visually pleasing collection of dab tools. 

    The arrow-shaped glass dab tool from MJ Wholesale is perfect as it is made from high-quality glass. It has high resistance to high temperatures, is comfortable to hold, and is easy to clean up. It is the perfect tool for managing oils and waxy concentrates. The innovative, unique, and attractive dab tools ensure your customers enjoy their concentrates stylishly.

    How to use a dab tool?

    Depending on the kind of concentrate, you may need to use the same dab tool in different ways. The dabbing process and the tool that needs to be used can confuse first-time dabbers. 

    Let's discuss how to use basic dab tools to enjoy each of the five main types of dabs: wax, oil, shatter, crumble, and rosins.

    1. Wax

    The little dabber tool helps to add concentrates to the dab rig. Using the spoon-shaped part of the metal rod, you must scoop a little wax from the container and apply it to the heated nail. It is done when all the concentrate has been removed from the dabbing tool. 

    1. Oil

    For oil extract, you can use the tip of your dab tool to scoop up and wrap the dab of oil around the tip. After that, you can vaporize the oil by dabbing the tooltip against your nail.  

    1. Shatter

    Shatter may be more difficult to work with than other forms of concentrates. But they are relatively easy. It may have some stickiness and flexibility. It is easy to place a piece of shatter with the heated nail using the sharp point of your dab tool. Otherwise, you can drop the dab onto the nail by pushing on it with your tool.

    1. Crumble

    Crumble concentrated oil is a solid form that is usually easy to work with. It also tends to have some stickiness, which makes it easy to scoop into the tool. Usually, your crumble dab will stick directly to the tool, allowing you to fit it in the nail when ready.

    1. Rosin

    Rosin can be sticky, like shatter or thick oil, thus needing tools to handle it. You can attach your rosin dab to the pointed tip of your dab tool. Then scoop a bit, stretch, and swirl until it comes out clean. Then, you need to apply it to the nail as others.

    While there are different types of concentrates, dab tools, and various techniques of using dab tools, the general process remains the same. 

    Which dab tool is right for you?

    A Dab pen is a great way to handle sticky, runny, often messy, concentrated dabs. When using dab rigs, the high temperatures during vaporization make dab tools critical safety instruments. Here's how you can choose the best one for yourself. 

    • Dab tools that are well-designed and have handles with a good grip so they won't slip while dropping the concentrates are in demand. 
    • Dab tools should be well-made so the components don't fall apart when trying to scoop out the concentrate.
    • It would be best to have quality dab tools made of premium material capable of withstanding high temperatures. High-quality materials will determine the longevity and utility of dab tools.
    • Most importantly, the dab tool must fit your specific needs. Different styles of dab tools may suit different dab types. Therefore, you need to select yours depending on what kind of dab you intend to take. Some options include Scoops, tool and Carb Cap Combo, Blades, and Paddles.
    • Before settling on the dab tools, you need to check how portable and durable they are. Portability affects the use, convenience, discretion, and transportation.

    Purchasing the right dab tool kit is crucial for smokers who dab regularly. The right tool scoops, picks, paddles, and blades. It will help you handle different dab viscosities.


    Dab tools are safe and effective tools used for consuming concentrated marijuana extracts. As dabbing has become very popular, the range of dabbing products has increased, allowing users to enhance their dabbing experience in various ways. 

    Ensure you have all the tools to give your customers the best dabbing experience possible. MJ Wholesale offers high-quality dab tools and concentrate containers like glass concentrate containers to help you offer an end-to-end dabbing experience. We carry branded products that are innovative, unique, and easy to use. 

    We carry a range of marijuana packaging options at wholesale rates. You can also find apparel and novelty items from top brands with us. Check out our collection today! 

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