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Resin, dab and wax: What is the difference? Types of concentrate containers

The greatest thing about marijuana is that it can be found and processed in different shapes and forms whether it is flower, liquids, strains or dabs. The terms resin, dab and wax are often used interchangeably. Fun Fact: They are all different from each other! However, they have similarities too. 

Resin, dab and wax – all of them are referred to as a concentrated form of cannabis or simply concentrates. Consisting of only the most desirable components of the cannabis plant, they are extremely potent and can also be considered as the ‘hard alcohol’ of the cannabis world. 


What is resin?

Resin is the sticky, sap-like, crystal-like substance found on the marijuana plant flowers. It is basically the trichome sap found on cannabis flowers. Resin looks a bit similar to wax but it occurs naturally unlike wax and shatter. It has many uses as it can be collected and processed to create other forms. Resin serves as the raw material from which other forms of concentrated cannabis are produced. 

What is cured resin?

The resin found in dispensaries refers to the concentrates instead of the plants.  Cured resin is different from the regular resin. Cured resin, is also known as dead resin, which is made of cured and dried cannabis flowers. They are processed by using heat and pressure in a solvent-based hydrocarbon extraction.


What are dabs?

Dabs are a type of marijuana concentrate that are very high in THC, also known as concentrated BHO - Butane Hash Oil. Their texture is sticky, gooey and they appear brownish. 

Extracting Dabs

Manufacturers generally utilize butane and carbon dioxide to extract these concentrates. CBD can be extracted using the same method however, it is not as popular as THC dabs. These dabs are so popular because they can get the smoker high in a short amount of time as they contain between 60% - 90% THC, which is quite high.

Smoking Dabs

Smoking dabs is not like smoking a regular joint. You can smoke dabs using a specific apparatus and technique. Use a dab rig to enjoy maximum benefits of dabs. Dab rig is similar to a bong, except that it uses a nail to heat the concentrate.  MJ Wholesale offers a variety of dab rigs that you can stock up in your smoke shop or head shop for your dab-loving customers. 


Wax is extremely popular because it has powerful effects and the ability to relieve pain, anxiety and insomnia. It is one of the most desired concentrates because the THC content in wax is often found to be more than three times as that of flower. It makes wax one of the most potent forms of cannabis.

What is wax?

Wax is a type of concentrated cannabis with a very unique texture and many different flavor profiles. It is named so because it has a consistency similar to wax. It has several names or types like shatter, budder, crumble among others. The only difference in each of these forms lies in their consistency. For example, budder has a butter like consistency and can be easily lumped. However, shatter is hard and breaks almost like a glass. 

Extracting wax

The cannabis plant’s material is blasted with butane or other appropriate solvent and extracting THC into a highly-concentrated resin that is gooey in texture. Wax is obtained by It is obtained by whipping resin during the extraction process. It is then collected and distributed, resulting into a sticky wax consistency that results in wax concentrate. 

Extracting wax requires some knowledge and experience. Making wax is not as easy as it sounds and must not be tried out alone if you are a beginner. 

Consuming Wax

Wax can be consumed in many ways. The most popular way to consume wax is with a dab rig, with a blow torch employed to heat the nail to dab the wax.  It can also be consumed with vaporizers, and the coils in the vaporizers are used to provide the heat. 

Storing Cannabis Concentrates

As you already know, to store weed for long periods it is essential to protect it from air, light, moisture, dirt and heat. The same is true for extracts as well. However, cannabis concentrates cannot be stored just anyhow or anywhere. Storing it properly is required to preserve the flavor and potency of the extracts. 

The ideal environment for storing all types of concentrates is almost similar. However, storing concentrate in what kind of container depends on its consistency, type and form. For example, if you store shatter in a glass container, it is bound to get stuck on it and will be difficult to remove it. On the other hand, live resin sauce or budder are easier to scoop even out of smaller glass jars. 

  • Silicone Jars
  • Silicone jars or containers are one of the most versatile containers for storing all types of cannabis concentrates. Just ensure that you are using silicone jars that are made of medical grade silicone so that the concentrates remain uncontaminated and potent. 

    Also, silicone jars are better for short term storage as compared to longer periods. This is because not all silicone jars are air-tight and hence, they might not be able to preserve the quality and potency of your concentrates for a long time. 

  • Parchment Papers
  • Another short-term storage solution for some kinds of concentrates like shatter are parchment papers. Parchment papers are not ideal for any runny concentrates such as sauce as they might leak and cause wastage. 

    Cut the parchment paper to contain the amount of concentrate on hand and fold it so that the contents are protected from outside elements. Keep the parchment in cool, dry and dark place for short-term storage. 

    If you’re seeking mid-term storage, then ensure the parchment is sealed in another container that protects it from the outside elements. You can use a sealed food bag or an air-tight container like a glass jar or a mason jar for this purpose. It is a good idea to use a small container so that there is no extra space left for any air. 

  • Glass Containers
  • Best for consistencies that can be scooped right off glass, glass containers are the most popular for storing cannabis concentrates. Glass jars with plastic twist-off caps can be utilized for storing budder, sauce, sugars, crumble and other concentrates that don’t stick on to glass jars aggressively. 

    They are perfect for long-term storage as well. Just vacuum seal the glass jars and store them in a cool and dark place. Glass containers look classy, attractive and are extremely viable for storing concentrates. 

  • Plastic Jars
  • Plastic jars are durable, portable and handy. Certain consistencies of hash oil can be stored for a short-term in plastic jars. However, stickier concentrates and shatters tend to stick to plastic jars. This makes it very difficult to get it off the jars.

    Plastic Shatter Concentrate Containers can be used for holding small amounts of concentrates. They are ultra-slim, affordable and serve as efficient storage solutions for shatter. 

    Tips for storing cannabis concentrates

    • The best method to store cannabis concentrates depends on the consistency of the concentrate. For example, shatters can be stored in parchment papers in a sealed bag and saucier stuff can be stored in jars. 
    • Whenever your concentrates are exposed to outside elements, they can deteriorate its aroma, weight or potency. 
    • For short-term storage like a week or ten days, you can store the concentrate container in a dark and cool place like a drawer or shelf that remains at room temperature.
    • If you are looking for a longer storage, which is above a week or ten days then it is safer to use extra precautions like using a vacuum sealer or an air-tight container for added safety. 
    • Sealed off extracts can be stored in a cool and dark place for months together. Else, you might have to use a fridge or freezer for the same.

    Ending Note

    By now you already know that resin is the naturally-occurring raw material from which other forms of concentrated cannabis are produced manually while dab and wax are two different forms of concentrated cannabis that can be consumed in different ways. 

    The choice of container you use for your concentrates, depends a lot of on the type of concentrate, how often will you be using it and your personal preferences. At MJ Wholesale you can take your pick from a variety of different concentrate containers and stock up your dispensary, smoke shop or head shop with it. 

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