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All Orders Ship Same Business Day

Parchment, PTFE & FEP


When you regularly deal with marijuana buds and need to squeeze some oil out of them, you need a non-greasy, handy, non-reactive, and versatile product. MJ Wholesale has a wide variety of handy and effective parchment, PTFE, and FEP solutions that can help you reduce wastage and loss and secure maximum profit. We have some top-rated brands like the Black Label Co and RAW, among other options of parchment papers.

At MJ Wholesale, you can buy 3x3 inches silicone-coated, non-sticky, brown, or white parchment papers that serve as a great alternative to traditional containers. We also have the popular Black Label Co. parchment sheets that are well-coated with silicone and measure 4x4 inches. Alternatively, you can also place an order for the Black Label Co. Parchment paper sheets that are bleached and have the same dimensions. Working with herbal oils can incredibly sticky business. Keep your counters clean and reduce product with Parchment, PTFE & FEP  non-stick options. We carry Oil slicks, RAW, Terp Proof and much more.

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FEP film sheets in clear 4x4 inch squares are also popular as they make for a hassle-free, buttery smooth, and efficient packaging option. For a more robust option that has even more non-stickiness than parchment papers, you can always opt for a medical grade, pre-cut, oil slick paper that we have in 4.5x 4.5-inch squares. MJ Wholesale also has a range of RAW parchment papers, including the 3x3 unbleached, silicone coated parchment papers, 12 inches parchment papers, and 4 inches parchment papers. MJ Wholesale stocks a variety of parchment solutions in bleached as well as unbleached types having distinct counts like 1000, 500, 250, and more. You can choose any pack with the count that suits your requirement.


 At MJ Wholesale, you can also stock up on diverse smoking equipment, smoking accessories, and packaging material other than the mentioned range of parchment papers and FEP sheets. These parchment papers and sheets in different sizes, shapes, and qualities, designed explicitly for cannabis products, are available at the best wholesale rates only on MJ Wholesale. Herbal oils have a tendency to be incredibly sticky. Our parchment, PTFE, and FEP solutions are great at reducing your loss and helping your business maintain maximum profits. We're proud to bring you many different non stick solutions, so you can find what works best for your needs. We always stock great products at low prices.

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