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Philips 13 Dram Pop Top

MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a huge and diverse collection of the Philips 13 Dram Pop Tops. The 13 Dram Pop Top vials are perfect to store one gram of dry herb or flower. If you have a larger quantity of dry herb per vial, you can check out the larger Philips vials that we have in our collection.

We carry opaque as well as translucent pop top vials. Opaque vials are very popular as they block out sunlight efficiently. Available in various colors like green, black, gray, pink, red, white, purple and gold, you can buy a particular-colored vial in bulk and color code your products for easy identification.

Philips pop tops are made from FDA-compliant material in an ISO 900:2015 certified facility. These pop top vials are perfect for marijuana storage because they are moisture resistant and air-tight, keeping the contents fresh and potent for a long period. Not only are these vials child resistant, they are also odor proof and certified to meet CPSC protocol and standards.


Philips is well known for their versatile range of pop top vials and storage containers. MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a diverse range of Philips Pop Tops in various capacities. Perfect for storing dry herb or flower, Philips pop tops serve as the perfect marijuana packaging.  

Philips pop top vials are completely made in the USA and are easy to use, affordable and a favorite with the cannabis community. These pop top vials can be opened by squeezing the vial firmly from both sides till it makes the ‘pop’ sound. Their signature popping sound makes it easy to understand when the vials are popped open or closed.  Get your stock of the Philips 13 Dram Pop Top vials at wholesale rates from MJ Wholesale


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