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Philips 19 Dram Pop Top

When it comes to marijuana packaging, Philips 19 Dram Pop Top vials are definitely among the bestsellers at MJ Wholesale. These 19-dram vials can fit 1/8 oz of dry herb or flower. For other quantities of flower, we have other sizes of pop top vials you can check out. We carry both - translucent and opaque varieties of these vials that you can select from. We carry different colors like black, white, green, and gray. Not only do these vials look attractive and colorful, they are perfect for storage of marijuana.

The best feature of Philips pop tops is that they are made of FDA approved material and are completely safe for packaging and storage of marijuana. Their moisture-resistance, air-tight nature and odor proof quality make them perfect for storing dry herb and carrying it discreetly. Philips Pop Top Vials are certified, meet CPSC protocols and are child resistant as per State Guidelines.


Philips is a popular brand and offers a huge range of pop top vials that are high in demand by retailers and consumers alike. Philips pop tops are made in USA and are characterized by their signature ‘pop’ sound when opened. MJ Wholesale proudly carries a range of Philips pop top vials that your customers can use to store their bud, joint or flower. The vials are sure to keep their contents fresh and potent for a long time.  If you are confused about what size pop top vial you need, you can check out our guide about ‘What size dram do I need?’ Get your hands on the best quality, 19 dram pop top vials from Philips at wholesale rates only at MJ Wholesale. We carry the best brands of marijuana packaging at the lowest prices and provide fast shipping to our customers.


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