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$200 Order Minimum

Philips 30 Dram Pop Top


The Philips 30 Dram Pop Top Vials are perfect to hold up to 1/4th oz of flower or dry herb. MJ Wholesale carries a wide range of these beauties that are perfect for packaging dry herbs worth a quarter of an ounce. Give your customers the facility and flexibility to pack and carry their herb around with Philips 30 dram pop top vials as they are durable, lightweight and portable. These vials ensure maximum potency and freshness for your product. 

MJ Wholesale carries a wide variety of Philips 30 Dram Pop Top vials in different colors that you can choose from. The opaque variety is naturally UV blocking and offers protection to the contents. They are also moisture-resistant and hence provide protection from moisture and dirt. We also carry translucent 30 dram pop top vials you can choose from if you need your product to be visible. Made of FDA compliant material, Philips 30 Dram vials are a best-seller in the cannabis industry. 

Philips Pop Top Vials Made in USA
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