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Philips 30 Dram Pop Top


Our 30-dram pop top vials can fit up to a quarter of an ounce, making it the perfect go-to size for many users. While each of the pop-top vials here can fit more than what they specify, you optimize the freshness and max potency of your bud by keeping it at this maximum or below!

PHILIPS is a long-standing brand in the industry, with products that are certified to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, protocol and standards. Smell-resistant and child-resistant, you can recognize one of these containers anywhere with its signature popping sound.

For bigger sizes, make sure to check out our other PHILIPS pop-top containers!

Philips Pop Top Vials Made in USA
Philips 13 Dram Philips 19 Dram Philips 30 Dram Philips 60 Dram

6 Dram | 13 Dram | 19 Dram | 30 Dram | 60 Dram | 90 Dram Tamper-Evident | Joint Tubes

PHILIPS offers the very best in storage containers, with a well-known reputation for their quality. Every product is molded from an FDA-compliant material in an ISO 900:2015 certified facility. Even better, the opaque colors help block sunlight to keep your product even fresher and more potent.

Easy to use and cost-effective, every pop top vial here is made in the USA from a Michigan-based company that cares. Make sure to check out all our storage container options to make sure you're not passing up something perfect for your customers.