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Wholesale Marijuana Packaging

MJ Wholesale is the Number One Wholesale Marijuana Packaging Supplier Across the Country!


Do you need cannabis packaging for your business? You have landed at the right place. MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a wide range of wholesale marijuana packaging supplies for smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, and other cannabis businesses. Avail of the best quality and diverse wholesale marijuana packaging options at the lowest rates when you shop with MJ Wholesale.

Whether you need pop-top vials, joint tubes, mylar bags, flower jars, concentrate jars, or labels, we have it all under one roof – at MJ Wholesale. Get top-quality wholesale marijuana packaging supplies at the lowest prices shipped to you within no time.

We feature wholesale marijuana packaging from top brands such as Canlock, Libbey, Philips, Smokus Focus, Qube Jars, Loud Lock, OOZE, and Pyur, to name a few. We are the number one supplier of quality wholesale marijuana packaging across the country and process your order at lightning speed.

So hurry and stock up on all the necessary marijuana packaging for your head shop or cannabis business at wholesale prices with us!

Pop Top Vials, Joint Tubes, & Labels

Pop Top vials top the list of most affordable and convenient wholesale marijuana packaging supplies. MJ Wholesale carries medical-grade pop-top vials for your smoke shop, dispensary, or head shop needs. We feature vials from Philips, made in the USA that are tamper evident, child resistant, secure, and highly convenient. You can choose from vials in several colors and materials available in various capacities, such as 13 drams, 19 drams, 30 drams, 60 drams, and 90 drams.

Who can miss out on joint tubes, doob tubes, or blunt tubes when it comes to wholesale marijuana packaging? MJ Wholesale features a range of joint tubes in various sizes, such as 94 mm, 98 mm, 116 mm,120 mm, and more, in various colors and materials. Keep your product fresh, potent, and safe for a long duration with the top-notch wholesale marijuana packaging from MJ Wholesale.

We understand the importance of efficient labeling for your marijuana packaging and provide readymade state-compliant labels to make the task easier for you. These labels can go easily on wholesale marijuana packaging like pop-top vials, mylar bags, and jars. You can also buy universal state-compliant labels, depending on the laws of your state. We have got you covered from the perspective of branding too. We offer custom-printed stickers for your product packaging, according to your branding strategy, within no time. Cool, isn't it?

Pop Tops
Mylar Bags
Mylar Bags

Undoubtedly one of the most popular wholesale marijuana packaging options – the mylar bag, is a boon for every cannabis business. At MJ Wholesale, we carry bags in various sizes with varying transparencies, such as transparent, opaque, or both, to suit your packaging needs. Available in different colors, we stock top-quality brands like the Loud Lock Grip n Pull and Dymapak child-resistant mylar bags.

These bags are child-resistant, secure, and perfect for packaging dry herbs, edibles, or other cannabis products. We have a range of vacuum, preroll, and exit bags for every need of your smoke shop, dispensary, or head shop. You can buy all kinds of gorgeous mylar bags and other wholesale marijuana packaging supplies from MJ Wholesale at the lowest prices!

Flower Jars

Level up the display shelves of your store or dispensary by stocking your product in top-quality display jars from MJ Wholesale. With sizes ranging from 1 oz to 21 oz and constructed from materials like glass and plastic, our flower jars are among the market's top and bestselling wholesale marijuana packaging.

We are proud to feature top brands such as Canlock, RAW, Smokus Focus, Libbey, Ugly House, and others in our collection of display jars and stash jars. The lids on these jars are so secure that they lock in the potency, smell, and freshness of the product in the jar for a long duration. Showcase your products with top-quality glass jars and attract your customers' attention. Don't wait; buy them now at MJ Wholesale at wholesale rates.

Flower Jar with Dome Lid
Concentrate Jars
Concentrate Jars

Packaging can get tricky when it comes to concentrates, mainly because they are sticky and hard to store. But worry not, as MJ Wholesale has just the suitable wholesale marijuana packaging for your concentrates. Whether you need glass, plastic or acrylic containers - we have it all under one roof.

Our collection has no dearth of variety! We have concentrate containers for quantities as small as 5mL to as much as 1000mL. Our concentrate containers are durable, classy, sleek, and child resistant. You can also choose from opaque or non-opaque specifications according to your requirement. We are proud to carry Qube containers that are high in function, child safe, and available in varying sleek shapes such as triangles and squares.

Buy a range of wholesale marijuana packaging supplies from MJ Wholesale and witness your sales skyrocket within no time!

MJ Wholesale is the One-Stop Shop for High-Quality Wholesale Pop Tops, Joints, Cones, and Blunt Tubes!

Vials are one of the most efficient cannabis packaging options available in the market. We have a variety of vials such as pop-top, push and turn, screw-top, and others that serve as top-quality cannabis packaging. Our wholesome pop tops create discretion for your customers and ensure compliance for your business.

We have a range of dram-wise pop top bottles – 13 drams, 19 drams, 30 drams, 60 drams, and 90 drams, among others. Available in a variety of colors and capacities, you can select the ones that suit your business the best. However, we know that every business has different requirements, and thus we also offer a collection of diverse top bundles and sustainable options for packaging.

So hurry and stock up wholesale pop tops and joint tubes for your head shop, smoke shop, dispensary, or cannabis business at wholesale prices only from MJ Wholesale.

Pop Top Tubes
13 Dram Pop Tops Wholesale
13 Dram and 19 Dram Pop Top Vials

Need pop top vials for a small amount of cannabis, collectibles, or medicines? No problem. The range of 13 drams and 19-dram pop-top vials on our website is perfect for your smoke shop, head shop, and dispensary needs. Affordable, convenient, and practical – these adjectives perfectly fit our collection of pop top vials.

Available in opaque and translucent types and various colors like red, white, green, gold, silver aqua, mango, strawberry, bubble gum, and black, your customers can fit up to 2 grams of flower in each of the 13-dram vials. The 19-dram pop tops hold up to one-eighth of an ounce of flower.

These vials are from Philips and are made in the USA. They are certified child-resistant and are secure for cannabis packaging. You can buy these wholesale pop tops in bulk quantities at the best prices from MJ Wholesale.

30 Dram and 60 Dram Pop Top Vials

If you need to stock up on wholesale pop tops that can hold larger quantities of marijuana, we have the 30 dram and 60-dram pop top vials for that. The 30-dram vial can hold up to ¼ oz of flower, and the 60-dram vial can hold up to ½ oz of flower.

These medical-grade, certified CPSC, child-resistant pop-top containers comply with state guidelines and are secure and lightweight. Each of these pop-top bottles features a moisture-resistant design and an airtight seal that keep the cannabis fresh and potent. You can store fresh flower or joints in these pop-top vials.

These pop tops open with a firm squeeze on both sides and make the signature 'pop' sound – according to their name. Whether you need to package medical goodies, recreational products, or edibles, our wholesale pop tops will not disappoint you.

MJ Wholesale proudly features a vast collection of wholesale pop tops in a number of colors, designs, and sizes for all kinds of cannabis stores, businesses, and dispensaries.

30 Dram Pop Tops Wholesale
Wholesale Pop Top Bundles
Pop Top Bundles

You don't need to place separate orders if you're looking to buy a mix of pop tops of different sizes in bulk. With MJ Wholesale's Pop Top Bundles, you can select from a bunch of sizes such as 13 dram, 19 dram, 30 dram, 60 dram, and 120 drams! These containers are FDA approved, and CPSC certified.

The Black Bundle consists of a box of each:13 dram, 19 dram, 30 dram, 60-dram black pop tops, and a box of black joint tubes. They are opaque and UV blocking.

Even the Pop Top White Bundle is opaque, UV blocking, and child resistant. Each bundle consists of a box of 13 drams, 19 drams, 30 drams, 60-dram white pop tops, and a box of white joint tubes. The Clear Bundle is suitable for displaying the products on your shelf. Each clear bundle consists of a box of 13 drams, 19 drams, 30 dram, 60-dram clear pop tops, and a box of clear joint tubes.

Moisture-resistant, airtight, and senior-friendly, these pop tops are the perfect classy way to store, display, color-code, sell and transport your joints or dry herbs!

Sustainable Pop Top Vials and Joint Tubes

As sustainability is fast becoming one of the primary concerns of businesses on a global scale, we understand your need to shift to sustainable packaging solutions. We have got you covered.

With STO Responsible, you can get pop-top vials that are sustainable, affordable, effective, and convenient all at once. Moreover, our range of STO Responsible pop-top vials are all CR (Child Resistant) certified and possess a forward-thinking design.

They have a locking mechanism designed to keep your customers' families safe. The STO-responsible packaging is made of single-stream recyclable materials that can be reused repeatedly. These containers' accelerated degradation technology allows them to reduce their overall environmental impact. Also, they are made in the USA and thus have a minimum carbon footprint. What's more, they are easily stackable, practical, and look great.

Pop Top Vials of 28 drams, 55 Drams, and 87 drams are available in bulk quantities. You can also buy STO recyclable joint and cartridge tubes (94 mm and 115 mm in colors black and white) from MJ Wholesale. All of these sustainable packaging options are easy to be customized according to your brand. So don't wait. Get your hands on sustainable and wholesale pop tops and joint tubes!

Sustainable Wholesale Pop Tops

MJ Wholesale is the #1 Supplier of Premium Grade Mylar Bags!


One of the most popular packaging solutions employed across dispensaries, smoke shops, head shops, and most cannabis businesses is none other than the mylar bag. They can be used to pack edibles, flower, and medicines, among other things.

They are versatile as they are available in vista and opaque varieties. MJ Wholesale features a range of mylar bags that are child-resistant and odor-proof. Not only do they block any odor from getting out, but they also protect the contents from any outside contaminants like moisture, dust, and heat. They’re the perfect discreet packaging and storage solution for all cannabis products.

We carry wholesale mylar bags in different sizes for varying needs. Some popular sizes we have are 1/8 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz, and 1 oz. If you need a bigger size, we also have unique zip-lock mylar bags for ½ lb and ¼ lb, with gusseted bottoms. Each bag has a different capacity and is ideal for safe storage and transport. So what are you waiting for? Level up your cannabis packaging by stocking up on wholesale mylar bags only at MJ Wholesale.

Preroll Bags

Storage of prerolls, cones, and joints can be a tricky business. Are you too struggling to find the perfect storage solution for your joints? Worry not! MJ Wholesale has just the right product for you. Check out our preroll bags, specially designed for packaging prerolls and joints.

These pouches are between 5 to 7 inches wide and 2.5 to 3 inches in height, making them perfect for storing syringes, prerolls, and joints. All the wholesale mylar bags for prerolls feature an airtight seal to keep your product fresh and potent. Our collection has opaque black, opaque white, and clear variations.

Each of our wholesale mylar bags is resealable, reusable, and prevents any possibility of leakage. You can also use custom stickers of your brand on these bags for marketing purposes.

Exit Bags

Are you tired of using paper bags or loose plastic baggies as exit bags? Good-quality exit bags are a must for every dispensary. MJ Wholesale’s range of mylar exit bags is the perfect way to ensure classy, professional packaging. Not only will it impress your customers, but it will also help you abide by your State’s rules and regulations. The Mylar Dura-Defense Exit Bags from MJ Wholesale is a premium packaging solution for your flower. Its airtight seal and child-resistant features make for the perfect exit bags.

We help you comply with the State’s laws as our wholesale mylar bags are secure, child-resistant, and discreet. Stay ahead of your competitors because our wholesale mylar bags have enough space for labeling and branding.

Large Flower Bags

Finding the right packaging solution for a sizeable quantity of flower is tough. But not when you choose MJ Wholesale. We know the challenges of packaging and storing large quantities of cannabis. That’s why we offer large-sized flower bags. We have Vista Black - Clear, Vista White - Clear, Vista Black with Window, and the Dry and Mighty Large Bag, among other variations.

Our high-quality large flower bags ensure that your dry herb stays fresh. We have a selection of large flower bags that range from ¼ - ½ lb,1 lb, and 2 lb in size. Our 1-2 lb bags are optimal for storing ¼ to ½ a pound of dry herb.

Not only for storage, but our high-quality large wholesale mylar bags are also perfect for safe transportation. We offer our bags in a variety of styles and at affordable prices.

Mylar Bag Bundles

When we say buy wholesale, we mean it. Say hello to our mylar bag bundles – that provide the actual value of wholesale! With our Loud Lock Grip n Pull Mylar Black Bag Bundle – you get 500 opaque black bags EACH of 4 different sizes (1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/8 oz). All bags in the bundle are heat sealable, UV blocking, and perfect for packaging your flower or edibles. With the Loud Lock Grip n Pull Mylar White Bag Bundle – you get the same benefits – but in white!

The Mylar Bag Vista Clear Black bundle has 500 black and clear bags of 5 different sizes (1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/8 oz, and 1 gram). Besides all the benefits of the previously mentioned bundles – they also have a glossy finish and square edges. With the Mylar Bag Vista Clear White Bundle – you get the same benefits in white! We carry the hottest sizes and colors of wholesale mylar bags in our mylar bag bundles, letting you check out each size and get a better idea of your requirement. Get your hands on our wholesale mylar bundles now!