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Philips Pop-Tops vs. Chinese Pop-Tops

Pop-top vials are an integral part of modern-day dispensaries.

You might be wondering why pop-top vials are so essential for dispensaries.

Customers and dispensary employees love the convenience and efficiency that pop-top vials provide. To open a pop-top vial, all a user has to do is squeeze either side of the bottle's top portion until a clear "popping" sound is heard.

The lid will then open for you to access the flower. While dispensaries often use pop-top vials for packaging loose flower, pop-top style packaging has become equally famous for packing pre-rolls.

Storing pre-rolls within pop-top vials is an excellent strategy as it emphasizes the idea that pre-rolls are prepped and designed for easy access. A user can even place a partially used pre-roll back within the pop-top vial to maintain the product's freshness for near future use.

Two of the most popular varieties of pop-top vials include Philips Pop Tops, and Chinese produced pop-tops. We're going to perform a value comparison of each pop-top type to make a product recommendation.

Philips Pop-Tops vs. Chinese Pop-Tops

Let's begin with Philips Pop-Tops.

Philips RX Value

There's no doubt that Philips Pop Tops are of higher quality than their Chinese counterparts.

What occasionally stops cannabis industry workers from purchasing Philips Pop Tops is that they sit at a higher price than Chinese made pop tops.

If you decide to spend some extra money on Philips, your purchase will come with some desirable perks.

State Compliant Design

Many states with legal recreational and medical marijuana practices require cannabis flower to be enclosed within childproof packaging during a sale. Philips Pop Top Vials are known as the original child-resistant pop top vial.

Working through a company such as Philips that prides itself on providing products that meet safety protocols helps dispensaries remain state-compliant in their business.

Long-Lasting Freshness

The second half of efficient pop-top packing is the product's ability to keep cannabis fresh. Many people are aware of moisture's potential to ruin the cannabis flower. Philip's Pop Top Vials are moisture-resistant and utilize an opaque coloring design to deflect sunlight and maintain product freshness.

An essential element of Philip's foundation is assembling products with FDA compliant material and a quality management system.

All of the above components create a product that maintains freshness, meets state compliance laws, and is easy to access.

Chinese Pop-Top Value

You may have read the above sections breaking Philips Pop Top Vials and thought to yourself, "why would I even consider buying Chinese pop top vials?

The reason why Chinese pop top vials remain a popular alternative is the fact that they're less expensive than Philips Pop Top Vials. If you're an up and coming dispensary with less capital than more established competitors, cutting costs through bulk orders of Chinese Pop Tops is a sound strategy.

There's no disagreeing with the idea that sleek and quality packaging helps sell products, but what are customers doing with the pop-top vials they walk away with during a purchase?

Pop-top packaging tends to hold lower amounts of cannabis flower in quantities that hover around 1/8th oz-¼ oz, so chances are, will throw away the packaging as it won't take them a prolonged amount of time to finish consuming their purchase.

With the idea that a customer won't be needing the packaging for a lengthy period, going with cheaper pop-top containers for smaller quantities of flower can be considered a sound business strategy.

Dispensaries looking to save money on packaging can even split the types of pop-top containers they offer. Chinese vials can be designated for smaller amounts of cannabis, while larger Philips American Pop Tops can help customers store and maintain the freshness of their bigger-sized purchase.

MJ Wholesale's Recommendation

If your dispensary has the capital to invest in the highest quality pop top packaging, we recommend placing your trust in Philips Rx products.

It's always a great idea to let customers know that with Philips Pop Top containers, they're:

  • Deflecting sunlight
  • Resisting moisture
  • Storing flower within a child-resistant package

Philips Pop Top Vials are available in the following sizes:

If you're confused with what size dram to purchase, please head over to our blog post, providing dram sizing guides.

With Philip's Rx containers, you can trust that you'll be covered every step.

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