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Concentrate Syringes


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Available in: 5 mL7 mL, 9 mL 

Concentrate syringes are becoming more of a standard across cannabis communities, serving as the best tool to dab in a controlled, clean, precise way.

We have a variety of syringe options to fit any professional or business' need. It's always a nice option to have available for your consumers, too. 100-counts make them easy tools to keep stocked in your smoke shop or dispensary.

Different sizes are available depending on how much your consumers prefer at one time. Needle tips are also in stock in our line as convenient replacements when you need them most.

Make your shop the go-to for all your consumers' cannabis concerns. From smoking tools to dab syringes, our line makes it possible to satisfy any user's preferences.

Try out some concentrate syringes for your smoke shop, dispensary, marijuana growers & processors today and build up brand loyalty. The more versatility you offer, the more likely someone is to come back for the next tool they need. Our concentrate syringes help further bridge that gap to make you the one-stop shop for all your customer's needs.

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