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All Orders Ship Same Business Day
All Orders Ship Same Business Day

Mylar & Child Resistant Bags


High-quality Mylar, pre-roll, and more bags for all of your packaging needs. Keep your product fresh while maintaining great visibility. We offer a variety of sizes and colors to suit your bagging needs. Many of our Mylar bag products are child resistant to ensure proper safety. Some states require products be secured in child resistant packaging, so check your state’s laws to make sure you’re meeting requirements. Our blog post on Mylar bag sizes helps direct people toward the size that’s right for them. Scan our product images or jump right to your selection in the content’s menu below.

1 Gram  |  1/8 Oz  |  1/4 Oz  |  1/2 Oz  |  1 Full Oz  |  Large Bags  |  Edible Bags  |  Vacuum Bags  |  Preroll Bags  |  Child Resistant Bags  |  Exit Bags