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Pre Roll Machines: Everything you need to know-MJ Wholesale

Pre Roll Machines: Everything you need to know

As technology advances, machines have started playing an important role in the process of pre-roll production. Whether you're a cannabis enthusiast or an industry professional, understanding the ins and outs of pre-roll machines is essential to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving market. 

Understanding Pre-roll Machines

So, what is a pre-roll machine all about? Pre-roll machines are designed to distribute the cannabis fill into paper cones evenly. These machines use sophisticated technology, boasting various features that enhance their performance, making them a valuable asset in production.

Once set to specific settings, these machines can operate automatically in the pre-roll-making process with minimal human interference. It only requires you to automate some manufacturing process steps at a time. You can start with one machine and scale your production when required.

Although these machines must be maintained, monitored, cleaned, and supplied with raw materials, they are extremely efficient at automated pre-roll production. 

Benefits of Using Pre-roll Machines

Pre-roll machines improve the efficiency of your operations by automating joint rolling, ensuring consistent quality, reducing labor costs, meeting high demand, and enabling you for diverse product offerings, contributing to overall business success. Let us look at the benefits of introducing automation in producing pre-rolled joints.

  1. Low labor cost 

Pre-roll machines decrease labor costs by taking less than a minute to fill up and produce hundreds or thousands of joints. The machine performs the time-consuming part of the job and reduces dependency on manual labor, saving time and money in return. 

  1. Producing High-Volume Efficiently

Cannabis pre-roll automation machines are designed to streamline production by ensuring efficient and high-volume output. These machines can fill, roll, and seal pre-rolls faster than manual methods. By automating the process, manufacturers can meet increasing demands and scale their production to meet the market's needs. Pre-roll machines optimize weed jar operations, ensuring uniform pre-roll quality even in case of high volume quantity.

  1. Consistency 

A strong brand image helps ensure customer loyalty and repeat purchases. It can be achieved through maintaining consistent and quality pre-rolls. Automated pre-roll machines help to maintain consistency throughout the process by accurately weighing, filling, compacting, twisting, and trimming pre-roll cones. Pre-roll machines also streamline the requirement of marijuana packaging and pop-top containers by automating the rolling process, ensuring uniformity, and reducing production time. Pre-roll machines aid in production efficiency. Your customers can carry these pre-rolls in a smell-proof backpack for smoking. 

  1. Waste Reduction 

Automated pre-roll machines are designed to reduce material waste during the production process. By optimizing the use of rolling papers and cannabis flowers, manufacturers can reduce costs and wastage compared to manual methods. 

  1. Workplace Safety 

Automation machines reduce the physical burden on workers and enhance workplace safety by reducing the need for repetitive manual tasks. It promotes a healthier and more efficient work environment.

  1. Scalability 

As the cannabis industry grows, scalability becomes crucial for businesses seeking long-term success. Pre-roll automation machines offer the scalability needed to accommodate the increasing demand and remain competitive. Investing in automation technology future-proofs businesses against market fluctuations and positions them for sustainable growth.

Working Mechanism of pre-roll machines

Before purchasing a pre-roll machine, knowing the details of how it works by the manufacturer or distributor is important. Some machines are very complicated, while some are easy peasy. 

Well-trained employees must operate these complicated machines. Some machines and tools, like grinders and sifters, are much simpler and easier to operate. Therefore, minimal training is needed, making it suitable for the average employee to operate. So, with proper guidance from the manufacturer, it won't take much time to use them without any problems.

How to Choose the Best Machine

It's important to consider a pre-roll machine's features before purchasing one. Some machines have more features, so you must decide which suits your business needs. The common features of a rolling machine include an automatic cone feeder, stainless steel material, and a pre-roll diameter adjuster.

These machines come in different types and capacities to cater to different production requirements and business sizes. Some are designed for small to medium-sized businesses, balancing output and cost. Some others are large-scale machines that can support industrial-scale production.

Many machines go beyond this basic functionality, incorporating additional features to enhance performance. Be sure to think about what type of pre-rolls you want to produce and what materials you will use to find a machine with suitable features. 

Here are some tips to consider on how to choose the best machine.

  • Each manufacturer uses different systems and processors to operate and maintain their machines. So, make sure you check out the specs before you make a purchase.

  • Study the materials used to construct the machines to determine their life cycle. Some materials require less maintenance.

  • You must check the machine's capacity if you require a high volume of products daily or weekly. Some produce around 3,000 cones daily, while others reach 25,000.

About RAW cone fillers

RAW is a top brand that captures a huge market of rolling papers, crushers, filter tips, cigarette holders, and many other items. RAW keeps introducing new smoking products and has a huge variety of smoking essentials 

The RAW cone filler helps fill pre-rolled cones with your favorite green stuff. The cone filler effectively eases and expedites getting the ground-up herb or tobacco from your rolling tray and into your pre-rolled cones.

The RAW Cone Filler is just one of the tools that help fill pre-rolled cones with your favorite herb. Beginners can use a RAW cone rolling machine and become experts in a matter of time. Cone fillers will help create a top-notch cone that will make blazing even more fun. They are perfect for any business.

There are many ways how a RAW cone roller can boost your business. Pre-rolls are a massive hit with customers, so using a RAW pre-roll machine will save your business time and money. The joints must have amounts of weed that are the same and also have a similar density. It can be done effectively by using RAW cone filler. Here are six popular cone-filling offerings by RAW. 

  1. RAW Six Shooter King Size Cone Filler
  2. RAW Six Shooter Lean Size Cone Filler
  3. RAW Bamboo Six Shooter 1 ¼ Size Cone Filler
  4. RAW Bamboo Six Shooter King Size Cone Filler
  5. RAW Loader Cone and Paper Filler with Tray
  6. RAW Thumper 100 Automatic Pre-Rolled Paper Cone Filling Machine

How to Use a RAW Cone Filler

You must choose the number of cones you want to roll and the size of the six-shooter. Fill the cones with your desired joint size and grind your favorite cannabis. Place the cones on a hard surface and use the pin to pack down the marijuana. Repeat this process with more cones. 

Place your favorite cone size into the RAW loader, fill it with your favorite strain, and use the cone filler RAW packing stick or wood poker for a tightly packed cone. Use a non-stick scraper to collect extra weed from the tray and add it to the joint.


As the cannabis industry expands, automated machines have emerged as a game-changer for pre-roll production, offering the perfect blend of efficiency, consistency, and quality. When running a business or a shop, opting for pre-roll machines rather than relying on manual labor is better. 

There are many automated pre-roll machines out there, so it's important to know all the options and manufacturers in the market. Futurola stands out among many brands with its top-tier pre-roll machines. Their innovative design involves loading pre-roll cones into the machine's tubes and placing shredded flowers in the top compartment, ensuring efficient and high-quality pre-roll production.

With the right equipment for automation of your pre-roll production, you can meet the increasing market demands, reduce your costs, prepare and sell a consistent, top-quality product, and scale your operations to a new level.

MJ Wholesale has a wide stock of cone-filling machines, marijuana packaging, and smoking accessories. We offer products from top brands, have a diverse range, and ensure quality and reliability, catering to the needs of retailers and businesses in the marijuana industry. Check out our newest arrivals today.

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