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$200 Order Minimum

Jennings Jt2 5000g X 1g Table Top Digital Scale

Brand: Jennings
SKU: SCJT2-5000
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Scales & Calibration Weights


The Jennings Jt2 5000g X 1g Table Top Digital Scale is perfect for both commercial use and home weighing. The Jennings Digital Scale's stainless-steel platform prevents scratches from occurring to your bowl or plate on top while weighing ingredients by eliminating the need to weigh them in free air first. The digital scale has an auto-zero tracking function, which can detect when an object like metal or ice is placed on its platform. It will recalibrate automatically with increased precision to measure even small weight changes quickly (<0.1 g).

  • 5000 G x 1 G
  • Tare/zero function. Stainless steel tray
  • Jscale tabletop digital LCD precision. Table top scale. Extra large LCD display
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