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8 Best Rolling Papers for 2021-MJ Wholesale

8 Best Rolling Papers for 2021

Rolling Papers to Help Bring in the New Year Your Way

No matter how advanced other consuming methods become, rolling papers will always be a mainstay for some smokers. 

What’s not to love? It can be almost therapeutic to grind up the herb, especially if you have a good grinder. Then, surgically rolling into the perfect joint is a talent some have, and a skill others gain. 

There may even be a learning curve to it, but with the right rolling papers, anyone can roll a masterpiece of a joint. It’s often the tools you’re provided that really make or break how nice your joint is about to look.

What are Rolling Papers?

Simply put, rolling papers are designed to allow you to manually roll dry herb and safely smoke it. Safely is in comparison to smoking with regular paper, which is not ever recommended. Rolling papers are made from certain papers that are porous enough to control the burn rate and keep the bud contained tightly inside along the way.

With the boom of the tobacco and cannabis industries, rolling papers now come in a plethora of weights and sizes. In fact, the incredible variety at our disposal can make the act of choosing a rolling paper for your needs downright overwhelming. 

How do you know which to consider buying? Fortunately, there’s a way to break it down and figure it out.

Different Papers for Different Needs

We understand that the best rolling papers are still subjective for everyone, so we want to give you more than just some list. Rather, we want to make it easier to choose with rolling paper might be ideal for your needs by breaking it down just a step further.

You might, for example, prefer rolling papers made of hemp rather than other material. You might look for the most affordable of the rolling papers, or the one with the biggest-known name. 

Some prefer slow-burning papers, while others prefer papers that can help them burn down the whole joint in a quick session. It could be ultra thin or king sized, it could be made in the USA or the best icebreaker to bring out at a party. 

Now that you have an idea of what different rolling papers can be suited for, you can start thinking about how you want them to best suit you.

Benefits of Rolling Papers

There are different reasons someone might prefer a rolling paper to another smoking method. Glass, ceramic, and other material pieces that have to be cleaned, for example, have the downside of just that -- they have to be cleaned.

Rolling papers help free you from the cycle of always having to clean your pieces. Or worse, watch as they get dirtier but you can’t yet put in the effort to clean them. Papers help you instead take full control of your smoking experience.

Affordability of most rolling papers is a huge draw for a lot of people. They’re inexpensive, and easy to master. Once you learn how to roll, it becomes second nature to easily roll up an impressive joint.

You can also take your pick of flavorings or lack of flavor. While many prefer to taste the herb inside the paper, some like to mask it with other flavors instead. The variety of rolling papers available makes this an option for both parties still.

So, just to summarize, rolling papers:

  • Free you from the endless cycle of cleaning glass/ other material pieces
  • Are inexpensive, with a variety of options
  • Allow you more control of your smoking experience
  • Are easy to learn how to use, upgrading you to a rolling master in no time
  • Allow you to choose between different flavorings or no flavoring so you can taste the herb inside

Whether you’re new to rolling or have gotten hand-rolling down to a science, you want the best rolling papers possible for the job. In our guide today, we’re going to touch on the biggest rolling paper brands in the industry.

Let’s dive into what makes each brand stand out and which of their papers is best for different needs. As we roll into 2021, let’s look at the best rolling papers on the market.

8 Best Rolling Papers to Choose From for 2021

The brands and specific rolling papers on this list were selected to give you variety. As we mentioned, people choose different papers for different needs, and we wanted to accommodate all users. 

Below you’ll see our breakdown of the eight best rolling paper brands on the market, plus the pros that come along with each of them. Do you see your favorite on our list?

Zig Zag

Biggest Pros: Staple Name, Variety, Reputable

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Zig Zag. With an iconic name and a history dating back to 1879, they’ve been in the game for a long time. For over 140 years, they’ve been perfecting their rolling papers and introducing new versions to the industry. Now, the versatility in what they have makes it easy to find a favorite.

For the ones that prefer a slower session, Zig Zag provides slow burning classic orange rolling papers. If a thinner profile is more your speed, their ultra thin rolling papers are a go-to for many. Then, there’s the classic smokers who just prefer the original white rolling papers that are tried and true. For all walks of life, Zig Zag has a rolling paper that fits.

Bob Marley King Size Papers

Biggest Pros: Longer-Lasting, Memorable, Icebreaker

These are slow burning rolling papers with a legendary name attached to them. The Bob Marley King Size papers are ones you break out at a party to get someone’s attention. Thicker and longer than most of the others on this list, these were clearly made for an extended session. 

The taste is all in the herb with these powerfully durable papers. Regardless of when you pull an iconic pack like this out, it’ll make for a worthwhile memory and an enjoyable smoke experience.

The Three Castles

Biggest Pros: Affordability, Even Taste

Not as widely known of a name than the others mentioned so far, The Three Castles is an affordable and easy option. The papers are made with a natural Arabic gum, which means they seal well. Papers that seal well mean they can be rolled tightly, which slows down the rate of burn on the joint.

Great at being sticky, The Three Castles rolling papers might be a perfect starter for new rollers. The skill of rolling isn’t as daunting to learn when you have high-quality papers to practice with, after all. 


Biggest Pros: Reputable, Staple Name, Variety

Just like Zig Zag, RAW is one of the most well-known contenders for the rolling paper market. A reputable, high-quality brand, they’re affordable while still providing you with options. 

Some might prefer, for example, the Raw Natural Classic rolling papers. They’re made with a tree sap gum line that covers the unrefined plant fibers underneath. Then, they’re finished off through steam watermarking the proprietary criss-cross RAW imprint for an even, smooth burn.

For an even cleaner taste, though, there are the Raw Organic Hemp Papers. They’re made from an organic natural tree sap gum line over the finest organic hemp. A rich history, the tree sap is masterfully prepared and applied right in the mountainous region of Spain. 

Still, RAW accommodates as many users as possible, so some may still prefer something different. The Raw Unrefined Cones, for example, especially the king sized ones, offer a completely unique experience. 

The cones really call out to newbies, making the “rolling” process foolproof. It just takes filling the already pre-rolled and sealed cone with herb, sealing the end off, and lighting up. If you’re completely fresh to rolling, this might be a sign that cones are going to be your friend. 

Elements Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers

Biggest Pros: Transparently Thin but Reliably Durable

Elements papers bring something unique to the list by being made of pure rice. Pure rice papers contain no hemp, no pulp, but most importantly, no chemicals. In fact, because of the purity of the material, rice papers burn with almost zero ash. Elements designed rolling papers made of pure rice that has been pressed down into an incredibly thin layer. 

Then, on top is the thinnest layer of natural gum from sugar. The tiny line of ash that comes from Elements ultra thin rolling papers. The sugar gum on top of the paper burns into caramel, leaving that tiny line. For a unique experience that’s difficult to find with most other brands, these might be the rolling papers for your needs.

OCB Organic Hemp

Biggest Pros: Cleaner, Pure Taste, Less Environmental Impact

For the smokers that prefer a 100% natural experience, OCB might be the brand for you. In the OCB Organic Hemp Slim Rolling Papers, they only use hemp grown and harvested on organic farms. The ultra-slim papers are unrefined and unbleached. They’re so transparent that, depending on the year’s harvest, you can see the variations in the shade of leaves each paper was made from.

More than the base material, they do appear to focus on the sticky aspect, too. They use 100% natural Arabic gum, which is vegetarian and GMO-free, which works to keep the joint sealed tight. They make a point to never let your hard work go to waste by making the paper sticky enough to stick the entire time.

TOP Rolling Papers

Biggest Pros: Smooth, Quick-Burning, Affordability

A more quick-burning option than the others on our list might be, TOP Rolling Papers are perfect for those that want a session where they can burn a joint down fast. One of the most affordable options on our list here, they have a smooth flavor that’s undeniable. Hard to miss, many find TOP rolling papers are there when they truly need them. 

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Biggest Pros: Makes a Statement, Unique

On the opposite side of the spectrum of affordability, the Shine 24K gold rolling papers are sure to catch someone’s eyes. Get luxury at your fingertips and make a statement wherever you roll them out to roll.

How are they made if they’re made with gold, though? They start with a hemp blend base for a smoother burn. Each paper is handcrafted with the finest edible gold on the market. A shiny, sparkly joint lit up at every angle as it slowly burns down is a sight you want to see at least once.

Wrapping It Up

Or should we say rolling it up? 

In conclusion, it’s easy to see there are rolling papers perfect for different people. Regardless of your preferences, we hope you were able to find rolling papers that suit your needs with our guide today. Which of the rolling papers or brands we mentioned is your all-time favorite?

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