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Best Selling Bubblers: Features, Usage, Maintenance

Do you seek something just like a bong but portable and more convenient? Do you need a smoking pipe where you can use water to filter the smoke? Ta-Dah! Presenting the 'Bubbler.' The bubbler is a mix of both smoking accessories - a hand pipe and a water bong. 

If you are unaware of what a bubbler is, let me introduce you to this fantastic smoking accessory. It is the perfect device for people who love the bong but wish to move around or travel freely. You can add water to the bubbler to filter your smoke. It gets its name because bubbles are produced when you take a hit from it in case you add water to it. 

The variety in the type and range of bubblers is tremendous. There are attractive designs, colors, and shapes that can make you spoilt for choice! Bubblers are manufactured from various materials such as wood, metal, silicone, and glass. 

Anatomy of a Bubbler

Since bubblers feature water to filter smoke, they have a bowl to place your dry herb. A water chamber can be found in a bubbler which helps pour the water in. The size of the chamber can vary, just like the size of the herb bowl. The stem of the bubbler extends from the water chamber to the tip, which you can smoke from. 

Features of Bubblers:

  • Smooth Hits

If your pipe is clean, you can get the best strong hits from your herb when using a bubbler. If you add water to the bubbler, you can extract more flavor from your dry herb. 

  • Portable and Small

The size of a bubbler is small, and it offers discreetness. You can easily carry it around and use it as your portable smoking accessory. The compact pipes of the bubbler are easy to stash away and clean regularly. 

  • Water Filter

You can use water to filter your smoke which helps you extract more taste from your herbs and detoxify the smoke without limiting its flavor. Water helps cool the smoke making it smoother for your throat and lungs. 

Steps to use a Bubbler

  1. Grind your dry herbs to use them in your bubbler
  2. Start pouring water down the stem of your bubbler but avoid pouring it down from the bowl. This can make the bottom of the bowl wet, making it challenging for the herbs to heat up.
  3. If you are unsure about how much water to pour, don’t worry. Bubblers don't require much water. You can fill up to half the water chamber with water. If the water bubbles, it is perfect. 
  4. Ensure that you don't over-pour the water because that will shoot it up the down stem. Too little will not work well either.
  5. Pack the ground herbs in the bowl up to the brim. 
  6. Light it up and enjoy a flavorful and smooth hit! 

Cleaning a Bubbler 

Cleaning or maintaining a bubbler is not a challenging task. You can use formula or lukewarm water to clean it. But it is essential to soak it for a while before starting to clean it. Soaking it helps remove the residue off the corner and edges of your bubbler. Using a soft bristle brush to remove the tough spots can also help. This technique can be used to clean the bowl area and the down stem too. If you use a formula to clean the bubbler, ensure that you rinse it with lukewarm water. 

Popular Bubblers on MJ Wholesale

Regardless of whether you need a glass bubbler or a silicone one, whether you need it for your dispensary or smoke shop, MJ Wholesale has the perfect bubblers for your requirement.  

Here are some of the bestselling bubblers that you can buy from MJ Wholesale at low wholesale prices. 

  • Dopezilla - "Basilisk" 
  • This popular bubbler has a beaker base and is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Available in two colors, black and milky purple, it features colorful accents on its mouthpiece, bowl, and logo. It is 9 inches in height, does not possess a carb hole but has a drum percolator. It has a 14.5 mm female joint and a 14.5 mm male quartz banger. 

  • Famous Brandz - "GOA"
  • This water bubbler from Famous Brandz is perfect for your dry herb and stands 12 inches in height. It is handcrafted, made of durable, high-quality borosilicate glass. It features a 14.5 mm banger and a slitted down stem which enables a smooth diffusion. This feature also helps in easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Hemper UFO Vortex Bubbler
  • This UFO Themed bubbler is designed in way that you can abduct precious terps and enjoy a smooth hit. It possesses a dual chamber that is specially built to preserve the terpenes of your herb. The bottom chamber has a six-slit inline percolation to provide maximum diffusion. There are several venturi inlets in the upper chamber that helps pull in and spin air into a vortex of smooth and flavorful vapor. Six inches in height, this unique bubbler also includes a 14 mm male joint flower bowl. It is available in a variety of colors such as green, pink, blue, and smoke among others. This bubbler is designed to give you a ride into space, literally! 

  • Silicone Mini Sherlock Bubbler
  • If you aren't fond of a glass or break it often, no worries! You can select from a wide range of silicon bubblers too. The mini sherlock bubbler has a silicone downstem and is 5 inches in height. Available in different combinations of two colors, this bubbler is sure to catch anyone's eye. It also comes along with a glass bowl. 

    These are just some of the best-selling bubblers that you are sure to love. You can check out the entire range of attractive water bubblers and other popular smoking accessories on the MJ Wholesale website. Happy Smoking!
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