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Cannabis Packaging Tips From Marijuana Experts

Cannabis packaging can be a complicated topic to dive into. We've already covered why good packaging that stands out matters, but we have a few more tips to help you navigate all the different forms of packaging out there. We're going to give you some insights on how to evaluate packaging choices, design elements to note, and ways to help differentiate your packaging by boosting perceived value. 

There are a large number of different packaging options available on the cannabis market today. Mylar bags are the most prevalent form of packaging, but glass jars are starting to rise in popularity. When considering a mylar bag, consider whether or not you are getting a gusseted or a non-gusseted bag. Refer to this blog post on the differences between the two. Gusseted packaging is a great way to make your product stand out in a retail space. The amount of cannabis and it's appearance in your packaging is also an incredibly important consideration. If the bag looks more full, then it appears to have more value. Non-gusseted bags are bad at this because the packaging tends to squish the cannabis buds. Cost-effectiveness is another large consideration. The cannabis packaging needs to be something your company can consistently maintain for consumers to identify with the product. 

Outside of the actual packaging itself, the design on the package is just important. Color is a powerful way to invoke an emotional response. Make sure your label is colorful and catches the eye while staying compliant. Also, have an understanding of how stores are presenting your product. You want to make sure your label is being presented in a way that is readable on the shelf at the dispensary. Otherwise, all the effort put into designing a great label and picking great packaging is wasted. Secondary packaging is also another great design consideration. Take the mylar packaging and put it into a more colorful secondary package to help boost visibility. This can almost instantly make your product stand out over anyone not using secondary packaging.

Other great things to consider are how to boost perceived value to the consumer. Stickers and other small trinkets are a great way to add a small extra experience factor to the product. It also helps build a brand image that will be seen where the sticker is placed. Having messages about your production facility and the product also helps establish a relationship with the end consumer. Taking all of these considerations into mind helps create a brand. Branding allows consumers to know that your products are consistent and of value while meeting their personal ideals.

There's a lot to consider when evaluating what cannabis packaging to use. Hopefully, our tips here have helped you navigate the quagmire that is marijuana packaging. Keep in mind the material you're using, the design and secondary packaging the consumer sees, and ways to boost perceived value to the end customer and you'll have success with your packaging. No matter what route you choose, here at MJ Wholesale we have everything you'll need to package your product.

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