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How to Clean your Concentrate Pen

Consuming cannabis concentrates, or dabbing as it’s sometimes referred to, used to be a complicated process that required a whole slew of expensive tools like rigs and blowtorches. Nowadays, many headshops and dispensaries offer a solution: concentrate vaporizer pens. These pocket-sized vaporizers have become incredibly popular due to their slim profiles, discreteness, and simplicity. With just the click of a button or draw of breath, these wax and oil pen vapes make it easy to enjoy concentrates wherever you are.  

There are very few downsides to these ingenious little devices; however, they can be notoriously tricky to keep clean. Lucky for you, we’ve put together this guide to help you keep your vaporizer pen in pristine condition so you can keep on puffing!

How to Clean your Concentrate Pen

Cleaning Your Vaporizer Pen

If left unclean, the flavors of your concentrates will start to be negatively impacted by the leftover residue from your previous sessions. It’s a shame to spend fat stacks on delicious shatter or wax, only to have your vaporizer ruin the flavors. But it’s not just about preserving the taste. A dirty vaporizer will also have worse performance than a properly and consistently maintained one. Uncared for vape components will wear out faster, and you’ll end up having to replace coils more frequently, which can become expensive quickly. Protect your wallet, and the taste of your cannabis, by regularly cleaning your pen. 

How often you’ll need to do this will depend on how much you use your vape, but a good rule of thumb is to give it a clean at least weekly. Some diehard connoisseurs even go so far as to clean their vaporizers after every use to ensure they maximize their concentrate’s flavor potential. Remember, the longer you wait to clean, the more difficult the process will end up being -- so do yourself a favor and get into the habit of regular vaporizer maintenance. 

Cleaning Your Vaporizer Pen: Step One 

Now that you know

why it’s essential to clean your vape correctly

, it’s time to tell you how exactly how to do that. The first step will be to disassemble your vaporizer completely. You have to clean each piece individually. You won’t have much success trying to get into those nooks and crannies of a still assembled vape pen. Separate the mouthpiece from the heating chamber, and separate the heating chamber from the battery. You may want to gently heat your device before you begin taking it apart, as that can loosen up any wax or oil residue, making it easier to clean.

Cleaning Your Vaporizer Pen: Step Two


Once you have your device completely disassembled and the pieces laid in front of you, it’s time to get to the actual cleaning. Begin by taking the dab tool that came with your vaporizer to remove any large residue deposits that may have built up in the heating chamber. Some people refer to this leftover residue as reclaim because if you’re so inclined, you can actually save these deposits and use them to smoke or vaporize later. Be aware, though, that reclaim will often feel harsh on your throat and won’t taste very good. However, it’s better than nothing if you’re desperate. 

Once you’ve gotten the larger chunks of reclaim out of the heating chamber, it’s time to get the smaller residue. Check the manual that came with your vape pen to see if it’s safe to use isopropyl alcohol while cleaning. If your vape didn’t come with an instruction manual or you’ve accidentally misplaced it, it is usually available online. Just check the manufacturer’s website. For the most part, glass, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, and quartz are safe to use alcohol on. Still, it’s a good idea to double-check. If your vaporizer is isopropyl alcohol safe, then you’ll want to use a q-tip dipped in alcohol to gently scrub away the leftover residue. If your vaporizer’s cleaning instructions advise against using alcohol, then substitute hot water. If your vape pen uses coils, make sure to be incredibly careful when cleaning around them. They are usually extremely fragile. Repeat this process as many times as needed 

Cleaning Your Vaporizer Pen: Step Three

The next thing to do is clean the threads of your heating chamber. Oils and wax can often leak down into these threads and gunk things up, so it’s critical to make sure they stay clean as well. Use your q-tip (soaked in either hot water or isopropyl alcohol) to remove any residue that may have accumulated in between the threads. Repeat until it’s shiny clean. Be gentle. Too much force may end up stripping your threads.

Next, move on to the mouthpiece. Forcefully blow into the detached mouthpiece to dislodge any hardened chunks of wax that may have accumulated in there. Keeping the mouthpiece clean and clear will help you get a full clean hit when using your vaporizer. Once you’ve removed any large pieces of reclaim, get in there with a q-tip to remove any leftover residue. Repeat as necessary.

Cleaning Your Vaporizer Pen: Step Four
Reassemble your pen, and enjoy!
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