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Tips To Finding The Right Packaging Partner

As a new cannabis producer or dispensary, there comes the difficult period of time to find a packaging partner right for your business. Here at MJ Wholesale, we understand that it can be hard to evaluate ourselves from our competition. That's why we want to help you navigate the process by laying out what to consider as a business and what to look for in a packaging partner. Brand image, what makes business sense, and having a partner who understands your needs are the most important factors for a successful relationship. 

Brand image is the first and foremost consideration that a business entering the cannabis industry must consider. Customer perception shapes the success and sales of a product. Your local market will determine what is and isn't a good idea for a brand image. There's nothing wrong with being known as the company or dispensary that has very low key mylar packaging but provides high-quality products for low prices. Likewise, if there are many other companies doing this already, it might be more beneficial to try and use glass or some form of secondary packaging to increase the perceived value of the product. In the end, the choice depends on the local market. 

Tips To Finding The Right Marijuana Packaging Partner

The next thing to consider is what makes business sense. This step is simply mathematics because ultimately the relationship with a packaging partner needs to be profitable for both parties. The product needs to have good quality suitable for the price. The pricing needs to leave enough margin to stay profitable through end sales. The last and most important point is the shipping and customer service support. Issues happen from time to time, but it's critical to know your partner has a reasonable process to handle disputes and discrepancies. A good partner should be able to handle any problems in a reasonably quick time frame or provide an adequate compromise. A partner with great pricing, but terrible support can lead to huge headaches and additional costs. 

Lastly, it is important that a packaging partner understands your business's needs. A partner who understands your needs will often suggest alternatives when you're purchasing large quantities of products. What makes a partner great is one who can offer you cheaper alternatives that do not compromise the end quality of your product. A great partner will also readily inform you of new and interesting product offerings to give you the edge in the industry. In the end, it is important to find a cannabis packaging partner with an interest in your success. Your success means more sales for them, so they should have an interest in providing you with ways of making more sales. 

Picking the right cannabis packaging partner is a difficult process with a lot of variables to consider. The considerations range from brand image, business sense, and an understanding of your business's needs. It's important to ask questions about these with your potential partners as a way of testing their support structure and to understand their interest in your business. If you have any questions about our operation, please contact us. We're proud to provide great support and products for any and all cannabis packaging needs. 

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