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Choosing the Right Glass Smoking Pipe: Consider these 7 Factors

With the number of options available in the market today, your customers can be spoilt for choice when it comes to glass pipes. Even if you have a limited collection of the best glass smoking pipes, your customers might get confused with what they want. This blog will talk about some quick ways to choose the glass pipe that is the best for your shop and your customers. Let’s look at the factors to consider when buying a glass smoking pipe.

1. The Quality of the Glass

The most crucial factor in purchasing a glass pipe is the quality of the glass that it is made out of. Generally, borosilicate and quartz are considered to be high-quality glasses. Also, when choosing a hand-blown glass pipe, your customers must ensure that there are not too many imperfections in it. Too many imperfections can be a sign of poor blowing practices. Two major imperfections to look out for in glass pipes are bubbles and scratches. A small number of bubbles and scratches are typical but if you witness a vast number of them, avoid the pipe. Especially, scratches where two or more parts are joint together, bubbles or scratches can cause wear and tear very quickly. It would be wiser to opt for clean joint welds where the blower is skillful enough to produce a good quality product that will last a long time.

 2. Usage of the Glass Pipe

It is vital to understand the customer’s usage before suggesting a particular glass pipe to them. What works for one customer might not necessarily work for the other customer. For smokers looking to smoke outdoors or have smoking adventures, a small and thick glass pipe might be perfect, whereas for someone looking to smoke privately or with a friend or two, a bubbler or steamroller could be a good choice. For the ones looking to create a bang with their smoking accessories, a Sherlock or Gandalf pipe is a good choice, whereas a noob smoker could do well even with a three-inch basic spoon bowl.

3. The shape of the Pipe

It is essential to pay attention to the shape of the pipe. A very long pipe might irritate some people, whereas a short pipe might not be a handful to some others. Your customers must select an ergonomic design that is handy and comfortable in their hands., They must also consider if they have enough space to store it comfortably. A pipe with smooth curves and a well-thought-out design will always hit the mark. Going a step ahead, considering the structure of the glass pipe can be of much use. If the Pipe doesn’t have a flat bottom, it might roll away on a table. Other details your customers must look for are the location of the carb, bowl size, and shape of the mouthpiece. They must ensure they are comfortable with the location, size, and shape of these pipe parts.

4. The thickness of the Glass

As we all know, Glass is prone to breaking if not handled well. But not all glasses break so easily. A good glass pipe can resist a few knocks and a few bumps. A glass pipe should be able to resist breakage as far as possible. The thickness of the pipe should range between 1 mm to 9 mm. Glass pipes that are 9 mm or close are more resistant and can last longer. However, many other glass pipes that aren’t that thick are also quite sturdy due to their innovative designs and build.

5. Design of the Glass Pipe

Pipes are available in several designs, shapes, styles, and colors. Your customers must buy the one they relate to the most. Why? Because it is a part of their daily lives. It is like a part of their family and a loyal companion. Customers should not compromise on this aspect. And must choose the one that makes their heart smile.

6. The Cleaning Factor

A non-negotiable prerequisite of maintaining smoking accessories is, cleaning them well. Glass pipes, too, need to be cleaned regularly. This ensures smooth smoke and a sparkling clean pipe. The Pipe design plays a significant role in how easily the pipe can be cleaned. Pipes with tiny carbs, mouthpieces, or holes in the bottom of the bowl can be difficult to clean because it is tough to get a tool in there to clear out a blockage. Even with the most modern cleaning products, it is not easy to clean certain pipes. Your customers must choose a glass pipe that they can envision cleaning easily and quickly.

7. The Supplier

The last and most crucial factor to consider when buying glass pipes is choosing the right supplier as a smoke shop owner. Unless you stock the right set of glass pipes, your customers will never be able to choose the perfect pipe for themselves. Don’t buy pipes from a random wholesaler just because they offer them cheap. Ensure that the supplier you are dealing with is known, trusted, and has positive reviews. Choose the supplier carefully because if the pipe breaks or doesn’t have the expected quality, you will not only suffer monetary losses and but also lose customer trust.

By now, you know the several things that must be considered when buying glass smoking pipes. If the customer considers all the above factors before making their purchase decision, they will have a high-quality, long-lasting piece of glass pipe that will be their companion for years! And worry not, we have just the solution for you too. MJ Wholesale is a top-rated, trusted, and famous smoking equipment and accessories wholesaler. We offer high-quality, thick, and stylish glass pipes in several fantastic shapes, colors, and designs. You can buy the best brands from us in bulk quantities at the best prices.
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