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Clipper Lighters vs. Traditional Lighters: Which one is the best for you?

The variety of lighters in the market has expanded considerably over the last few years. There are different kinds of lighters available for different purposes. Blue flame lighter, butane lighter, torch lighter, capsule lighter, cigar lighter, digital lighter, flint lighter, electric lighter, floating lighter, and butane lighter are just some of them. However, there are two basic types when it comes to the lifespan and reusability of lighters. Refillable and Disposable. Refillable lighters are becoming very popular because of their reusability quotient. Traditional lighters are disposable and cannot be refilled or reused. Let us look into the major differences between disposable lighters and refillable lighters.

1.Traditional Lighters

The traditional disposable lighters are not reusable or refillable. They can be used only until they cannot create a spark anymore. After that, they are disposed of to become a part of the hazardous waste collection so they don’t end up in a landfill.

2. Refillable Lighters

On the other hand, a refillable lighter has a high reusability level. It has a valve at the bottom that can be powered with more fuel time and again. This fuel can be brought separately and put inside the lighter to make it work like new again.

Why Choose Clipper Lighters?

By now, you would’ve understood that refillable lighters are more versatile and popular as compared to traditional ones. Clipper is one of the most popular brands that offer a range of refillable lighters. Here are some features of the Clipper lighters that separate them from traditional lighters.

  • Affordable

The Clipper Lighters are reasonably priced; you don’t need to break the bank to purchase a few lighters. They are super-affordable and allow you to save money because they can be reused. This reduces the overall expenditure on lighters for your customers. And when you purchase a stock of Clipper lighters from MJ Wholesale, you reduce your costs multiple times because of our wholesale rates.

  • Eco-Friendly Brand

Clipper is one of the very few brands that employ proactive measures for improved sustainability. 34% of every Clipper Lighter is made from recycled materials, making it a sustainable brand and a popular choice in lighters. 60% of the energy used for the production process of Clipper lighters comes from renewable sources. Clipper is a brand of lighters that manufactures its products using Nylon, encouraging lesser use of other plastics during manufacturing. Nylon is one of the highest performance and safest plastics known to be uncrackable, self-extinguishable, flexible, and resistant.

  • Safe and Reliable

The Clipper lighters use isobutane – one of the safest gases with no bad odor. The Clipper lighters have a fixed flame valve for added safety. This results in a stable flame that goes to a maximum of 30mm, throughout the lighter’s life. Clipper complies with the International Safety Norm ISO9994 on mass production and is considered one of the safest lighter devices.

  • Attractive Designs and an immense variety

Clipper lighters have a fantastic variety of styles, colors, and designs. It has been known for its iconic round shape since 1972. They are available in such wide and distinct varieties that your customers will be spoilt for choice. Clipper is available in Classic design. They also have a Zig Zag collection for all those who love the Zig Zag brand. Their metallic range also adds an extra edge and style to their offerings. They have cool artwork on their lighters ranging from gothic to cartoon designs. They keep adding to their collections almost every month, so you will always get something new you can stock when you choose a clipper. Furthermore, Clipper lighters can also be customized using different combinations. So, you don’t have to worry about the different tastes of your customers when you stock up on Clipper Lighters.

  • Durable and Reliable

Clipper lighters are made of durable plastic. They can be carried in bags, purses, and pockets without a worry. They won’t get crushed or bent even with everyday usage. Its unique design makes it a  multi-use device that can also be used to pack marijuana or tobacco. 

  • Refillable

The best feature of the Clipper lighters is that they are refillable, which not only helps your customers save money but also reduces the toxic carbon footprint on the environment. If the lighter needs new flints, they can always buy them as they are super-affordable and can last a long time.

  • Stylish & Elegant

The Clipper lighters are available in eye-catching and elegant styles that have set them apart from traditional lighters. They can serve as fun gifts and souvenirs. 

  • High Reusability and Sustainability

Clipper allows the users to refill the gas and the flint and even replace the spark wheel, encouraging users to reuse it for as long as they want. Since they can be refilled each time, they reduce waste and help lower the carbon footprint. They serve as an eco-friendly choice over traditional lighters.

Ending Note

Traditional lighters are now a thing of the past and aren’t the preferred choice of modern-day smokers. Today’s smokers prefer something handy, versatile, and eco-friendly – which is what clipper offers them. To strike a chord with your customers, you must offer them the best and the latest. So, don’t wait and stock up on a bunch of Clipper lighters at the best wholesale prices only from MJ Wholesale. We also have a range of marijuana packaging, marijuana processing, and handling equipment, and smoking supplies for your dispensary, head shop, and cannabis business.
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