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Do Boveda Packs need to be activated? Let’s find out

How does the Boveda work?

Boveda works by keeping the Relative Humidity (RH) constant within the storage container. The RH of every Boveda is mentioned on the pack. One can choose Boveda between 58% to 62% humidor packs. The 58% packs are appropriate for a smaller supply while the 62% packs are better for a larger supply of products. At MJ Wholesale, we have Boveda with different RH too, like 72% and 75%Boveda is FDA compliant and food safe. It can be used to regulate the humidity inside the packaging of cannabis, cigar, wooden instruments, food, hemp among other products. Its leakproof membrane is made up of natural salts and pure water that helps achieve and maintain a constant relative humidity (RH). The 2-way humidity control patented by Boveda works magically by quickly responding to the ambient conditions. They work by adding or removing the moisture to impact the enclosed environment inside the packaging and maintaining optimal humidity.


How to use a Boveda

Using a Boveda is a simple two step process, and doesn’t require any activation. 

Step One: Remove the plastic wrapper on the Boveda. Note: Do not tear or open the brown Boveda pack.

Step Two: You just need to place them carefully in the packaging you desire. 

There is no requirement of ‘activating’ the Boveda. They are designed for direct usage. Here's how you can use a Boveda for different items.

  • For Cannabis & Hemp - The Boveda can be directly put into the airtight jar, tote, bag or package that contains the cannabis.
  • For Cigars - You can use Boveda throughout your humidor. It can be kept safely under the shelves or trays. They can also be placed directly beneath or on top of the cigars.
  • For dried herb, sugar and spices - Like with cannabis, the Boveda can be directly put into the airtight jar, bag or packaging.
  • For Wooden Instruments - The Boveda can be placed in the pouches in the dedicated Boveda fabric holder. The holder can then be placed in the case where there is no pressure applied on it when the case is shut. The fabric holder is leak-resistant and serves as an extra piece of protection from any impact or a sharp string.


Features of the Boveda

  • Long Lasting - The Boveda packs can last between weeks to a year. However, the life of the Boveda depends on the usage. It also depends on various factors such as how many times the container is opened and closed, what the surrounding environment is like, and lastly, how airtight the container is.

  • Easily Replaceable - Replacing a Boveda is simple. You just need to know when’s the right to replace your Boveda. A touch test would be best to determine that. A new Boveda feels soft and pliable, but if you feel hard spots and less flexibility in your Boveda, it is time you buy the replacements. If you wait until the Boveda is fully solid and hard to feel, you are risking the protection of your moisture-sensitive product. It is best to replace it at the appropriate time for best results.
  • Prolonged Life - It is possible to extend the life of your Boveda, if your current Boveda isn’t completely rigid. The trick is to add a new Boveda with the same RH in the container. Always ensure that you’re only pairing the Boveda with same RH and not different levels within the same container. However, if your Boveda has gone completely rigid, it would be best to trash it. Trying to recharge or rehydrate a completely dry and solid Boveda will be futile. It will not be able to regulate the moisture in the packaging, and that could potentially cause damage to the products inside without proper protection against humidity fluctuations or mold.

  • Hassle Free - Boveda packs are available in smaller sizes and big, and can suit any kind of packaging, whether its pop-tops, jars or other containers. They don’t need to be consistently checked. Just place the minimum number of Boveda packets inside the humidor and forget about it for several months altogether. They are mess-free and hassle-free. They are perfect for keeping your herbs from getting too dry or too wet.  The best part is Boveda packs need no activation or maintenance and serve for long without any hassle.

Ending Note

Using a Boveda humidor pack is a great and efficient solution for maintaining the moisture levels in your marijuana packaging and keeping the product fresh. If you are looking to purchase these humidifying beauties in bulk and at wholesale rates, you must visit us at MJ Wholesale and check out our diverse collection of Boveda humidor packs. Hurry and level up your cannabis packaging at best rates, by ordering top-notch quality products from MJ Wholesale!

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