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Get to know all about MJ Wholesale's New Partner Brand: Zooted Brandz

MJ Wholesale is excited to announce its association with Zooted Brandz! Zooted, our partner brand, offers a unique line of smoking accessories, apparel, hemp wraps, grinders, shredders, cones and rolling papers that are making a huge buzz in the market. Their collection includes a variety of products – each of which are known for both - style and substance! Whether it is hemp wraps, rolling papers or cones in a variety of flavors, much in-demand smoking accessories like grinders, shredders, rolling trays or trendy cannabis themed apparel – they have it all. If you’re the end-consumer you can buy your favorite products directly from their website but if you’re looking to re-sell their products in your store or dispensary – you can buy all the Zooted Brandz products at wholesale rates from MJ Wholesale.

Zooted Brandz Products on MJ Wholesale

MJ Wholesale is proud to carry a collection of every category offered by Zooted Brandz. We have an extensive collection of their products at wholesale rates. Here are some of their products we carry:

1. Rolling Papers

Zooted Rolling Papers are sure to induce a euphoric state of mind when used for smoking. As a smoke shop or head shop owner, you will find your customers to be obsessed with the taste and quality of these papers! These high-end papers aim to provide the smoker with the best possible experience even in their day-to-day smoking routine. Perfect for any smoker looking to elevate their smoking experience, Zooted Papers are thin and slow-burning with a delightful crispness that will make rolling easy and joyful for them. We offer their King Size and 1 ¼ Natural Rolling Papers at MJ Wholesale. Each of which is available in a display box consisting of 24 papers each. You can buy a single box, 5 boxes, 10 boxes or multiples of these numbers from us at the best rates in the market!

2. Grinders

Extremely popular for their stylish look and how they offer a smooth grinding experience, the Zooted Grinders are 4-piece, highly polished aluminium herb grinders. Zooted Grinder is the ideal tool for smoking sessions, as it comes with an improved grip, micro-grooves and precision-formed teeth, which grind herb uniformly. The smoker can quickly access your herbs with its magnetic lid while avoiding spillage. Furthermore, the middle chamber stores ground herbs while the mesh screen catches all of those sweet parts in its bottom reservoir that boasts an integrated kief scraper - making it easier to use! Consistent in their sleek and modern design, these grinders come in four eye-catching colors to match all kinds of aesthetics. At MJ Wholesale we carry Zooted Grinders in all four variations: Rose Gold, Black, Gold and Silver. You can buy these in multiples of 1, 5 or 10 as per your requirement.

3.Hemp Wraps

Your customers will not forget the smooth and flavorful smoking experience they have when they smoke using Zooted's Premium Hemp Wraps! Each wrap is made from 100% organic and ethically sourced hemp leaves and is designed for an unforgettable experience. These hemp wraps are 100% organic, non-GMO and non-tobacco. They are perfect for everyone switching to healthier smoking practices. We carry all the seven unique flavors of the Zooted Hemp Wraps —Mad Mango, Pink Drink, Wedding Cake, Banana Split, Honey Dipped, Grapevine and Russian Cream in our collection. Each of their display boxes consists of 25 packs, with two wraps per pack. So, with one display box – you get 50 wraps of that particular flavor.

4.Rolling Trays

Offer your customers something different from the mundane and let them set into a new adventure with the Zooted Rolling Trays! Zooted trays are so mesmerising that your customers will find themselves in an extraordinary journey every time they roll. These 8.5" x 6" metal trays, equipped with vibrant colors and magnetic slams, will bring out the best of their smoking session to create an unforgettable experience. Stock up these amazing trays with quirky designs like shroomy planet, Area 420 Alien, ZootedLand Skully Planet and Zooted Logo at wholesale prices only from MJ Wholesale.


Enable your customers to enjoy an immersive smoking session with Zooted Lighters. Zooted has teamed up with Clipper and presents stylish lighters that are made of resilient nylon material and are resistant to cracking or exploding. Investing in a Zooted lighter means you have assurance of its quality and reliability. They have been designed to provide maximum convenience, efficiency and style, and feature a long-lasting spark, adjustable flame size and refillable fuel tank - perfect for lighting up on any occasion! With these stylish lighters, your customers can ignite their journey into smoking without a worry or hassle. We carry two styles of Zooted Lighters in our collection. Both these styles are available in black and white each. Each display pack of Zooted Lighters consists of 48 stylish units.


Complete the Zooted experience for your customers by stocking up on some  of the most stylish Zooted apparel. With their wide selection of stylish clothing, your customers can look their stylish best and show off their love for Zooted Brandz while they smoke. Whether they're looking for something simple or something with a bit more jazz – Zooted has it all.  We carry a range of trendy and comfortable Zooted apparel in our collection that includes tees with all their themes – be it the Zooted Guy, Zooted Gift Box, Zooted Smiley, Zooted logo or Zooted Euphoric. All these tees are available in black as well as white and in sizes from small to 3XL.

Why Choose Zooted Brandz?

Why should your customers settle for average quality items when you can provide them with the best and the latest. Incorporate products from the Zooted Brandz and offer a luxurious and smooth experience to your customers. Here are some more reasons why you should stock up on Zooted Brandz products:

  • An Elevated Smoking Experience for your customers

Zooted offers products that guarantee a smoking experience like no other. From their unique grinders to their exquisite rolling trays and organic rolling papers, Zooted is all about luxury and efficiency.

  • High-quality material and stylish design

The products in the Zooted line are made from high-end materials that are sure to last for years. They possess a sleek, modern design that is sure to catch eyeballs in any store. Your customers will be impressed with the craftsmanship and style of these products. If it’s Zooted, there's something for everyone!

  • Affordable prices

Zooted products are affordable and well-priced, so your customers can try them out without breaking the bank. This is an especially great option for those who want to upgrade their smoking experience without spending too much money. At MJ Wholesale, you can buy Zooted products at wholesale prices and offer a deal that your customers won’t be able to resist.

  • Refreshes your inventory

Transform your dispensary or shop into an oasis of freshness with Zooted. Customers will be pleased and eager for more from the moment they set their eyes on them. Introduce Zooted to your store shelves, sit back and watch as they fly off the store with eager shoppers adding them to their carts. Keep restocking with MJ Wholesale’s fantastic prices, so you don’t miss out on all the success waiting for you.

  • Range of offerings

Zooted Brandz has been able to comprehend what it takes to run a successful Dispensary, Head Shop, Vape Shop, and Smoke Shop. Their top-notch smoking gear, products and accessories give customers the best value for money.

Ending Note

Take your customers on a remarkable smoking journey with Zooted Brandz! Stock their distinct flavors of Hemp Wraps, stylish apparel, extra-ordinary rolling trays, sleek lighters and classy grinders to enchant your customers. Get your hands on these high-quality products today and give them an unforgettable experience each time they smoke. Invest in Zooted Brandz and never look back!

Zooted has been a sought-after brand and their offerings are hitting the right note with the buyers. They are garnering a lot of direct consumers and retailers all the same. Don’t be left behind and stock up on their offerings at the best rates – only from MJ Wholesale. When you place order on MJ Wholesale, we ensure that you get your order at the earliest possible. We offer exemplary customer service and super-fast deliveries on bulk orders. You can also avail of a variety of deals and offers we keep running for our customers. Load up your carts and shop with us at MJ Wholesale today!

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