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Glass Pipe Joint Sizes, Genders, and Angles: Everything you need to know

Did you know that glass pipes can be male or female? Being a smoke shop owner, you are likely familiar with water pipes and how crucial it is to identify their joints. However, many of your customers may not be acquainted with the importance of joints in water pipes. Especially people who are new to the world of glass are prone to buying pipes that might not work for them because they are not familiar with the components. Joints are those parts of the glass pipes that hold the bowl, nail, or other accessories onto the pipe. They are available in different sizes and genders. Apart from the quality of the dab rig or bong, the size and gender of the joint are also essential considerations when making a purchase decision. This blog post will explain what each term means and how it affects the smoking experience. We will also provide some tips through which you can help your customers choose a suitable water pipe.


Gender of a Joint

The first and most essential thing about water pipes your consumers must know is how to recognize a joint's gender. Why? Because most smoking accessories, such as bowls, nails, bongs, adapters, and other items, need to be chosen according to the gender of the joint your pipe has. A male glass pipe requires a matching accessory of the opposite gender to function correctly and vice versa, so be sure all of your customers' smoking tools and accessories are compatible with their joint. Let us get into the details of identifying a male or female component of the pipe.

• Identifying the Joint
Although there's no straightforward approach to determine whether a joint is male or female, there is a trick. Simply tell your customers to inspect their glass piece and notice how the bowl is positioned. If the bowl is positioned on the connection, it's a male joint pipe. If the bowl is not positioned that way, it's a female joint.

• Female Joints vs. Male Joints
Female herb pipes are the most popular type of dry herb water pipe. It's essential to place the accessories into the joint and not over it for female pipes to work. Remember that a female joint is compatible only with the opposite gender's accessories. Hence, if a pipe has a female joint, it needs to be paired with an accessory with a male joint. Make sure you inform your consumers not to purchase female add-ons if they have a female water pipe and vice versa.
On the other hand, male joints are primarily found in oil rigs but can also be seen on a few water pipes. When it comes to male accessories, they need a pipe with a female joint to be paired with them for proper functioning.

Size of Joints

The next thing your customers must know is the variety of sizes in which the joints in water pipes are available. The three most common sizes are 14mm, 18mm, and 19mm. Each size has its own benefits and drawbacks that your customers should know.

• 10mm
10mm joint sizes are usually called mini or nano joints as they are mostly found on smaller rigs and bongs. The main advantage of a smaller joint is that it offers better flavor due to less diffusion. The 10 mm joint pipes are pretty rare to find, and if you have them in stock, it would be wise to keep them in the display of your smoke shop where your customers can see them easily.
• 14mm
The 14mm size joints are the most popular among water pipe enthusiasts. This size is perfect for those who want good airflow and excellent diffusion. It also allows the usage of a variety of different accessories with itself.
• 18mm
The 18mm size is mainly found on larger rigs and bongs. It offers excellent airflow and diffusion but can be challenging to clean and maintain.
• 19mm
The 19mm joint is the largest size and is mainly found on huge rigs. It, too, offers good airflow and diffusion but can be challenging to clean and maintain regularly.

Joint Angles

The final thing your customers must know about joints is their angle. Joints can be either 45 degrees or 90 degrees. Each angle has its benefits and drawbacks that your customers should know.

• 45 degrees
The 45-degree angle is the most popular type of joint among water pipe enthusiasts. This angle offers good airflow and diffusion while also being easy to clean.
• 90 degrees
The 90-degree angle is mainly found on larger rigs and bongs. It offers excellent airflow and diffusion but can be challenging to clean.

Adapters and Converters

Let's face it, every seasoned smoker has a vast collection of pipes accessories, and there might be some accessories they want to try out with certain pipes. But when they sit to smoke, they realize it doesn't fit! Does it make their purchase a waste? No. Introduce them to the world of adapters and converters. Adapters and converters are very helpful for those who have multiple water pipes and want to use them with various accessories. Adapters are used to convert the joint gender, size, and angle. If your customer has a male joint and needs to use it with a male accessory, you can advise them to use an adapter. If a smoker has a 14mm joint and needs to use an 18mm accessory, then provide them with a converter.


We hope this blog post helped you understand the different sizes, angles, and genders of joints in water pipes. As a smoke shop owner, we encourage you to be on top of the smoking equipment and accessories so that you can help your customers make the best choices for their needs. And while you delight your customers, we at MJ Wholesale help you make the best choices to stock up your store. Purchase the best quality smoking equipment and accessories at the lowest wholesale prices from our website.
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