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How long can dry weed last if stored properly in a glass jar?

Why is fresh weed important?

Experienced smokers usually know when their weed turns old as they can assess by its smell or aroma alone. Some weed might even smell wholly different and possess a change in its absolute taste, when not used for a long time. This is because cannabis degrades very readily. If the texture and potency of weed start to degrade, and one consumes it, it might make one sick. Moldy weed consumption is proven to be unhealthy. However, it can be worse for some individuals because, on average, almost 25% of the population carries several genes susceptible to illness. This population mainly includes people with asthma, other respiratory diseases, autoimmune disorders, and chemical sensitivities.

However, this only happens when it is not stored properly. So, it ought to be stored in well-maintained conditions. In the end, everything depends on the proper storage of weed. Storage options such as polythene bags can lead to dry buds quickly losing their potency and freshness. The weed can culminate into a moldy form that is inappropriate to use and lacks potency and flavor profile.


What are the requirements for storing weed?

The active part of cannabis is THC (short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), a cannabinoid compound mainly found in the leaf and flower part of the weed and primarily responsible for its psychoactive effects. The improper storage of weed can significantly decrease the amount of THC, resulting in a less intensified psychoactive high. Some ingredients in weed may be considered mind-alternating, while others might not. The potency and balance of the ingredients vary and depend not only on the manufacturing, growth and processes of the plant but also on its storage and preservation. 

Not only does the proper storage ensure potency and freshness of the weed, but it also ensures a pleasant smoking experience and a long high for the smoker.

What are the ways to store weed?

Whether a dispensary owner or a head shop owner, you must know the proper way to store weed. For this purpose, you can use a variety of  Glass jars, Mason jars, Black glass jars, and Flower jars. Make sure that any containers you use are clean and free from dirt and grime. You must know that dry herbs, concentrates, and cannabis-infused edibles have storage guidelines typically outlined on the packaging. It also mentions the factors affecting its conditions, including humidity and exposure.

      1. Glass Jars

One of the best ways to stock weed is in a glass jar in a cool and dark place. Ground weed usually doesn't last as long as intact cannabis flower. Even when stored correctly, it should be consumed within 30 days of its purchase to capture as many terpenes as possible. To protect and enhance the life of cannabis, it should be stored in an airtight container, and plastic baggies should be avoided at all costs, as they can degrade potency and aroma very quickly, turning the buds stale. Also, a child-resistant cannabis glass container is necessary for your customers who have kids or pets in their household.

      2. Mason Jars

Mason jars are jars with a tightly fitted lid to keep weed fresh for a long time, two years or so. They have a two-part top. The first part is the lid with a rubber ring on the underside. This helps create a vacuum seal, and the second part is an outer band with reusable screw threads.

      3. Black Jars

Black jars help keep away any U-V light radiations from the contents. You can use different jars for different strains as it helps maintain the flavor profile for various strains.

      4. Vacuum Sealed Bags

Air, water, heat, and light are foes to weed. So ensure they have minimal exposure to these elements. One way to do so is vacuum-sealing weed. Using vacuum-sealed mylar bags is a way to store weed for a long time without much of it drying or remaining humid. It can also cancel odor. If the primary goal is discretion, then vacuum sealing is the answer.

      5. Joint Tubes

A tube packaging for storing pre-roll cones is considered the best way to stock up dry herbs for a longer time. It is the best container meant for storing rolled-up herbs. A plastic or glass joint tube is ideal for storing your dry herb afresh for a long time. Further, the joint tubes should be kept in a well-maintained- darker, cool place. Blunt tubes are another type of weed storage tube used for blunt storage.

      6. Metal & Plastic Jars

Many people use metal or plastic jars for the storage of cannabis. However, It is recommended to use jars made of glass over other materials like metals or plastic. Metal can be responsible for degrading the aroma and taste of the flower. Plastic pet jars can lead to the breakdown of terpenes and cannabinoids.


Ending Note

To conclude, if cannabis is appropriately dried, cured, and stored (glass jars in a dark space are best), it can last up to five years or more. Most cannabis from dispensaries is harvested over a year before it gets sold and is perfectly fine. However, if that is not maintained, it can even degrade within a few months. Storing weed in glass jars is the most proper way to stock it. And you can find all kinds of jars for storing weed at wholesale prices only on MJ Wholesale. So, don't wait – stock up on quality packaging for your cannabis at the best prices now! 
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